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Bali Adventure

Bali Adventure Tour Package

Bali Adventure

Bali Adventure

Having adventure is one of interesting things in life which you have to do as recreation or refreshing from your daily business. Bali is one of destinations which you perhaps can consider as choice for your vocation. Bali is popular enough with its Bali adventure which is promised to tourists who come for vocation. There is some general information about Bali which will be good to be known before you come to this place. Bali is name of province in Indonesia which dominant of people who live there belief in Hindu as their religion. Bali is one of provinces in Indonesia which are popular with its tourism and culture; you will never feel disappointed if you choose this island as choice to spend your vocation time.

Bali Adventure to Place with High Culture Value

Bali is also known as island of god because Bali people who keep their tradition and culture which relation god veneration. Bali has many destinations which relate to Bali adventure which you can visit for having different experience of vocation like Tirta Gangga Karangasem, Ubud, Kuta, Sanur, Legian and Nusa Dua. All destinations which are mentioned have beautiful scenery that is one of reasons why Bali is also called as paradise of Indonesia.

Still talk about Bali adventure as main point to be explained, Bali perhaps has no railway like other provinces in Indonesia, but it has better highway. Like thing which has been mentioned before, Bali is one of provinces in Indonesia which are popular with its tourism and culture, that’s way Bali adventure which is popular enough, is adventure to some destination which has high culture value. Watching Balinese dancer in Ubud, visiting Tirtha Empul temple and Pura Taman Ayu are some places which are popular as Bali tourist destination. Ulu Watu temple with many monkeys which live in there is also destination which is interesting enough to be visited. You also may not miss great experience for visiting Gitgit waterfall.

Bali Adventure Tourism Destination

Besides visiting some place with Balinese culture value as your tourism destination, you can have other experiences of adventure in Bali by doing some activities like rafting, cycling and diving. For Rafting, Bali can be said as place which has stream with good enough flow for Bali rafting activities. Telaga Waja River is one of rivers which are usually chosen for rafting activity, this river has 16 kilometer of length. If you walk through track of this river, it perhaps will take 2, 5 till 3 hours and you do not worry about safety when you play rafting in this river, because this river is safe for rafting. For you who love diving, you absolutely take right choice for coming to Bali, Bali offers experience of diving which you will never meet in other tourism destination. Bali has awesome scenery of underwater which you may not miss if you visit Bali. Sanur, Amed, Menjangan Island, Tanjung Benoa beach are some places which have beautiful underwater scenery which you have to have. Perhaps it can be spend money which is not expensive, but if you will not disappoint with this Bali adventure activity.