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Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise

Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise Program

Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise

Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise

Doing evening cruise in Bali can be one of great experiences in our life. We can experience ocean life in the evening, feel the cold wind that follows our cruise and many other. One of the best places to do evening cruise is Bali. With a beautiful view and wonderful sandy beach around the island, doing this Bali cruise package will give you a different experience of sailing in the ocean. Then, one of the programs that you can try is Bali aristocat evening cruise that will provide you luxurious features while you sail around the Bali’s ocean. You will not only enjoy the sailing time, you can also see the beautiful sunset on the ocean that will give you an unforgettable experience of evening cruise in Bali. It is interesting, isn’t it?

What will you get in Bali aristocat evening cruise?

In this Bali aristocat evening cruise program, you will begin your evening cruise with welcoming drink in Tanjung Benoa Harbor before you come to the main drink on your aristocat sailing time. The time in your catamaran will come with music entertainment in live season to make you more enjoying your evening trip. While enjoy the music that is played by the band, you will be treated by the best food in your dinner time to make your evening cruise more fun and joyful. However, actually the best food here is the best food that the program thinks, because everyone has different taste and it will give different perspective about the food that is served. Nonetheless, it does not really matter for joining this wonderful experience of Bali aristocat evening cruise.

Price of Bali aristocat evening cruise

How about the money that we should pay if we want to do this program? Actually, there is one of Bali adventure service companies that are offered this kind of programs. The price that is including welcome drink, canapé, dinner, live music, hotel return, and transfer is about $67.50 for adult and $49.50 for child. Then, for the other expense will not included to this price, it means that you have to pay for other expense that is not including here. This Bali aristocat evening cruise program will depart at seven pm and return at a half past nine pm. It may be a very short time to experience the beautiful evening cruise, but it is sure that it can give you a pleasure time and an unforgettable moment that you have never expect before.

If you are interested to join this Bali tour program, you can just book this evening cruise program in the website of the company or directly contact the customer service of this program. This evening cruise usually does the operational time in Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as well. The route of the cruise will be along Nusa Dua and the program assure that it will give you a great experience of sailing through the evening ocean in Bali with wonderful view as well as wonderful sunset over the ocean. Well, that is all some information about Bali aristocat evening cruise that may inspire you to join this program.