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Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Memorable Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Do you need a new vacation that will bring you come closer to nature especially something that is connected to the water and ocean? If yes, doing Bali aristocat sailing cruise can be a perfect idea that will suit for you. One of the perfect places to do sailing cruise is Bali, a province in Indonesia, which is famous with its traditional Balinese dance and its other various culture. Besides the various cultures that is interesting to be discovered, Bali also has a good panorama and view that will make everyone love it from the first sight. The tropical weather, a cold wind, sandy beach also become the main attraction for tourist to visit this region. Then, why this place is good for sailing cruise?

The Main Attraction from Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Sail around the Bali Island will give you a great experience that is memorable and unforgettable. You can relax and see how beautiful this island is. Then, if you are interested to do sailing cruise in Bali, join Bali aristocat sailing cruise program is one of the best place to support your desire to sail over the beautiful ocean in Bali with other features over while you are sailing. This program will offer a luxurious aristocrat cruise with catamaran from the Bali mainland to Nusa Lembongan. This trip will provide you fun and joy that can be a good way to relax from the tiring usual day. Then, certainly this trip is not only about sailing cruise, because in this Bali aristocat sailing cruise, you will get more than this.

The Other Attraction from Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

This program also offers sports activities in the water such as Bali snorkeling, riding banana boat, diving and many other sport activities that will give you the best activity you have never forget. Then, it also offers village tour that make you are able to see the inhabitant do the seaweed farming in their home. After doing all of these activities, you will be brought back to the harbor while enjoying the beautiful sunset over the ocean. Actually, this trip will be good for you who like adventure, relaxation, and cultural study as well. Moreover, it is sure that this Bali aristocat sailing cruise program is highly recommended for you.

Then, if you are interested to join this program, you have to pay $99.00 for adult and $69.30 for child. This price is including the sailing cruise, snacks and beverages, BBQ lunch, sports and children activities, village touring, hotel transfers and other inclusions that you can enjoy. You can enjoy this trip in Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday especially during the first April until the last October. The cruise will begin at 9 am from Tanjung Benoa Harbor to Nusa Lembongan, precisely in the Mushroom Bay. Then, after that you will return to Tanjung Benoa Harbor at 6 pm to see the beautiful sunset over the horizon. Therefore, it is really good sailing trip that you may like to experience and then that is all some information about Bali aristocat sailing cruise.