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Bali ATV Ride Tour

The Experience of Bali ATV Ride Tour

Bali ATV Ride Tour

Bali ATV Ride Tour

This is the unique road Bali adventures to explore the hidden amazing part of Bali Island with driving four wheels motorcycles. Before you drive the ATV, the instructor from the Bali ATV ride tour company will teach you to have a safety briefing. You will drive the ATV through some plantation like the cocoa plantation, then the crossing back road tracks, Balinese villages, take in the breathtaking views and rice terrace fields.

The ATV instructor will accompany and guide you through some place that difficult to be passed, cross riverbeds and to through downhill then use the full power of the bikes to ascend back to the uphill. You can explore the inner beauty of Bali Islands in a way that you have never done before. Feel the spectacular experience of the powerful automatic of ATV in the destination of the amazing countryside. The usual track of the Bali ATV ride tour is Singapadu, Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran and so on. To book the tour you can fill book form in the tour company that offering ATV tour. Put your valid e-mail, so the company can reply for the confirmation. Give the information to the company about the hotel name if you have already stayed, so they can pick you up or give the address where you will stay.

The price of Bali ATV Ride Tour

Every company usually has different prices for the ATV ride tour in Bali. The range price the Bali ATV ride tour in this amazing adventure is around USD 65 if you are alone or single and USD 110 for pairs. This price includes some facilities such as beverages, driving instruction lesson, International Standard Riding Equipment, insurance coverage, the transport from and to your hotel, safety tools, you can use a clean bath towel, private showers, lunch and so on. So the price is equal to what will you get. Some company has provision if you cancel the tour within one day prior before the clients picked up, you may get the refund only 50% from the total payment. You can get the special price from some companies if you book the tour for groups.

Needs during Bali ATV Ride Tour

The needs that you have to bring depend on you. You can bring the private thing that you think that is important for you or you may ask to the customer service of the Bali ATV ride tour company for what you have to bring during the tour. Usually you only have to bring some clothes to change the clothes that you wore if it is dirty, a comfortable shoes because you will through a difficult track, you may wear long pants or shorts because it depends on your comfort, some cash so you can buy drinks or snacks, the camera to take a picture on your journey, and also do not forget to use sunscreen because it is very important to protect your skin during the Bali ATV ride tour.