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Bali Castaway Cruise

Bali Castaway Cruise The Best Adventure

Bali Castaway Cruise

Bali Castaway Cruise

If you need a place for relax in your busy life, live in a secret place or isolated place can be a good idea for you. You may like to go to the secret island and live like you are only one who lives in there. However, you may think that it is impossible if you do not have your own secret island. Actually, it is really possible since there will be a service company that can accommodate cruise to isolated destination in Bali like Bali castaway cruise. Here, you will be able to book the island and then live there to feel the sensation of a tropical private island in Bali.

The Curiosity of Bali Castaway Cruise

If you have ever dreamed to go to the isolated island which will give you a place like paradise with beautiful view and atmosphere, your dream actually will come true if you join Bali castaway cruise. You will be able to experience Balinese Island such with private beach in Nusa Lembongan that has wonderful panorama to relax and to experience private cruise to the way to your private island. The enchanting place that you can visit such as Nusa Penida Island and Crystal Bay will give you a perfect experience of being castaway in a place such paradise. First, before going to that beautiful Bali destination, you will sail from Benoa Harbor using catamaran boat. On the cruise, you will be able to see the blue beautiful ocean and island with its sandy beach, coral, and the life of underwater creature in this Bali castaway cruise.

The Other Features of Bali Castaway Cruise

Your trip will not only about sailing in Bali and living silently in the beautiful secret island. You can get some other activities that are provided by the service company that you choose. For instance, you can do touring to the village, BBQ lunch in fantastic outdoor area, and watching traditional wood carvers when they work. It is fantastic, right? Then, if you join Bali castaway cruise, you can also taste food made by local cassava and meet inhabitant who make flower. Your experience will not stop only in that point, you can also enjoy message to relax or just enjoy sleeping on hammock that face the beautiful of tropical bay view.

Then, if you are interesting to join this castaway cruise, what you have to do is only booking the program. Moreover, how about the price that you should pay if you join this Bali adventure? In one of the company that offer this program, the price for adult is around $103.50 and for child is around $72.00. This program actually offers trip from Benoa Harbor to Nusa Penida in Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday during April to October and out of those month, it will sail to a private beach in Nusa Lembongan. The overall program will include soft drinks, snacks, pastries, and snorkeling gear and so on. To conclude, this Bali castaway cruise program is really recommended for you who need vacation to somewhere that will give you best experience of private place.