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Bali Dolphin Cruise

Experience Bali Dolphin Cruise

Bali Dolphin Cruise

Bali Dolphin Cruise

Everyone like to see dolphin dancing through the ocean, you may like to. Certainly, there is lots of place that show dolphin as the main attraction, it can be in a poll or in aquarium. However, how about seeing these cute creatures in the ocean? It will be more amazing, right? In Bali, there is a program that will make you be able to do the popular Bali cruise and see dolphin in real. The Bali dolphin cruise program will suit for you who need a memorable vacation in Bali especially by seeing dolphins closely in the Bali’s island. If you join the program, you can see this amazing creature playing around in the ocean with using watching cruise of dolphin. Then, you will come back to your home with new unique experience of viewing the dolphins.

Bali Dolphin Cruise Program

Usually, the Bali dolphin cruise program is running in the early morning which actually needed to make you see the dolphins. It is usually a high speed ocean rafting cruise that will take you to experience a very happiness journey across the waves of South Bali Ocean. With the high speed of this cruise, you will get an interesting feeling and thrilling feeling that comes in the same time. While cruising around the ocean with dolphins that may jump around your boat or even swimming closely to your boat, you will also see the beautiful Bali sunrise in the morning ocean. It will give you a great experience that you will never forget if you join this Bali dolphin cruise program.

Prohibited in Bali Dolphin Cruise

Then, for the safety system that is used in this program is actually designed in the highest standard to make your cruise secure and peaceful. Moreover, after you are arrived in the watching area, the Bali tour guide that will be with you will guide you to the best angle which is most possible to you to see the dolphins. In addition, for the kindness of these wonderful creatures this Bali dolphin cruise usually will not permit you to touch or any other possible interaction that may harm the dolphin. Therefore, if you are really like these wonderful creatures, you have to follow this rule and keep the dolphins safe by just seeing it dancing happily in the ocean.

If you are interesting to join this program, in Bali company that offer you something like what have been described above. The program will cost around $58.50 for adult or 15 years old and above and around $40.50 for child or 10-14 years old person. This program will depart at 7.30 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The route that usually use is over the Nusa Dua and Uluwatu coastline. This program will include hotel transfer and then snacks and beverage besides the main attraction such as the high speed rafting cruise and the best spot for seeing dolphins. This program will be good idea for you who need something special in your vacation. This Bali dolphin cruise program is sure will give you the best Bali tour experience of seeing dolphin in the beautiful ocean.