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Bali Elephant Camp Tour

Spend Your Holiday with a Great Adventure of Bali Elephant Camp Tour

Bali Elephant Camp Tour

Bali Elephant Camp Tour

Do you have any plan to spend your holiday? If you are sick with traffic jam and pollution at the city, you must try to enjoy a great experience at Bali Elephant Camp. The purpose of holiday is to get refreshment after exhausted activities of daily routines. However, to go vacation in Elephant Camp is different from the other resorts. The location that is in a village in Carang Sari district, Bali, will make you feel relax because it is an unspoiled area between the jungle and rice field paddy, also near Ayung river. The place, of course can give you a great peace and fresh air that make your holiday more delightful.

Enjoy Trip at Bali Elephant Camp tour

The most wanted thing when people come to Elephant Camp in Bali, is to see and of course, to ride the biggest and beautiful animal, elephant. The elephants in this camp are from Sumatera. These species are protected from the extinction. So, instead of hunting these magnificent animals, you can get closer to them by riding on them while enjoying the trip. This adventure that is offered by the Bali Elephant Camp certainly gives you a different vacation. Moreover, beside the elephants, you also can enjoy the others animals there.

Because of Bali Elephant Camp accentuate the natural concepts; the animals that you can see are from the native habitat like local monkeys and birds. Along the track you also can enjoy the nice view of the river. So, while riding the elephant, you can take some pictures of the scenic landscape. Enjoying the nature, looking at the beautiful animals and having trip with elephants will be the best experience you can get for your vacation. Bali Elephant Camp actually does not use elephants as tourism object without reasons, because as you know, this animal is threatened from the extinction.

Bali Elephant Camp for Protecting Elephant Species

The species that is protected by the camp is Elephant from Sumatera. Through this camp, the money that you can give as the payments becomes the fund for the elephants’ treatments and maintaining. The fund is used to buy the food and the cost of their care. The camp is also a place for their homes, so they can proliferate and escaped from the extinction. Therefore, if you decide to spend your holiday at Bali Elephant Camp, you will not only get a memorable experience, but you also can help protecting these beautiful animals. Then, your grandchildren still can enjoy to see them in the future. Have the great Bali holiday with your family or friend and please contact us for more information, we will give the best Bali tour packages for you.