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Bali Elephant Ride Safari

Enjoy the Unusual Adventure at Bali Elephant Ride Safari

Bali Elephant Ride Safari

Bali Elephant Ride Safari

To spend Bali holiday with natural tourism is a perfect way for you to get refreshment. There are a lot of ways like hiking, climbing, going to the beach, snorkeling, and many more. However, Bali Elephant Ride Safari is one of tours that offers great Bali adventure. If you like to go to the zoo, looking at the various species of animals, you must be more excited if you know that there is a place that can let you get closer to the animal. Do you like elephant? This Bali safari tour will give you unusual experience through the elephant riding.

Amazing Trip of Bali Elephant Ride Safari

When you were kids, you must be really happy to be invited visiting the zoo. Then, you must be really amazed with elephant for it is the biggest animal in the world. Now, you can see closer, even riding on it! You will not get this great experience in other places, but Bali Elephant Ride Safari do. Moreover, the location that is placed in Bali, a famous Bali tourist destination because of its natural and beautiful view, the tour will be more exciting. The track is the unspoiled area that gives you peaceful and relaxing adventure in Bali. The jungle, village, river are some spots that you will pass by riding the elephants.

Bali Elephant Ride Safari can guarantee you to get the most unforgettable memory for the trip. To ride on the elephants during the tour makes you feel like a king or queen that enjoy the landscape. With the comfortable seat of teak chair that is designed safety and a guide who sits on the front will give you a great convenience. The amazing panorama of Bali’s natural beauty can be enjoyed while riding the elephants. Moreover, you also can get more amusements at Bali Elephant Ride Safari that exciting too besides the elephants ride tour.

Bali Elephant Ride Safari to Save the Species

The choice of spending holiday in this Bali safari tour package is a good idea. It can not only give you unforgettable memory and great experience, but you also can help to protect the elephant species. The elephants that you can ride in this safari tour come from Sumatera. The funds that are collected from the tourists will be given for the elephants’ treatment and caring. By providing them enough space as their homes, adequate foods and good treatment, they are able to multiply. Then, they will be free from the extinction. Therefore, through Bali Elephant Ride Safari you also can protect them through the exciting way.