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Bali Ocean rafting cruise

Bali Ocean Rafting Cruise Exploring 3 Beautiful Sister Islands

Bali Ocean rafting cruise

Bali Ocean rafting cruise

Vacation day is coming soon!!! If you are wondering where you want to go, you may pick this choice out. Bali, a known-beautiful island which world-acknowledged. Talking about Bali has to talk about sea and beach activity. One of a famous activity that appears in these few days is Bali Ocean rafting cruise. This kind of vacation package could be your best choice for spending your vacations days.

What does Bali Ocean Rafting Cruise Offers?

Bali rafting cruise activity offers you a great experience of crossing the sea. This activity will spoil your five senses, your sense of sight, hearing, smelling, taste, and touch. This ocean rafting cruise provide you a beautiful sea sight and island. You will be brought closer by high speed cruise into three Sisters Island near Bali Island; they are Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan. The cruiser itself provides you comfort and calm, even this cruiser has strength up to 750 hp. But do not be worried, the entire cruise is licensed with the highest safety standard. So, this cruiser will be a comfortable place for your whole day. You will be indulged from the early morning; the crew will pick you up from your hotel or resort in the morning then carry you into the harbor. There you will be welcomed by a great cruise which will bring you into the sea. Bali Ocean Rafting Cruise invite you to cruise around the high limestone cliffs, and drop you into those three sister islands. You will feel like in private white sand beaches.

Bali Ocean rafting cruise not only gives you up sea surface experience, your skin also will be indulged by lucent and cold Bali’s water. You may do snorkeling in the high seas area. In the bottom of sea your sight will encounter all beautiful sea creatures, such as reef or coral stone, kinds of sea- habituated fish, and sea ecosystem which off damage. Meanwhile, for who does not like to do snorkeling you still able to see those beautiful creatures from the bottom of the ship. If you are lucky enough you will be amused by horde of manta rays, whales, or dolphins. They are playing the water nearby your cruiser. These are really a great amusement. So, just keep in praying during your voyage to catch their performance. After enjoying your whole day, your appetite will be spoiled. On your Bali adventure cruise you will be served a luscious food and beverage.

How to Get Bali Ocean Rafting Cruise

Bali has many offers of vacation holiday packaged. You can choose one of your tour agents that will suit you. Different tour agent gives different offers, in case of price, facilities, services, and freshness. Then, you have searched it attentively to get your best selection. This Bali Ocean rafting cruise is commonly brought about in the morning up to afternoon, but some agent offers an excess time to end your day in the high seas. So, are you ready to cheer up your holiday with Bali adventure package?