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Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Under Water Experience of Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Having interesting experience in Bali such as good idea which you can take as choice for spending your vocation, Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour is one of things which you have to do when you are in bail. As beginning of this information, it is better to know about bail first which will be good information to you who have never visited bail before. Bali is province in Indonesia which is famous with its natural scenery which is awesome. Even this province has no interesting train trip which is often offered by some tourism countries like China and Thailand, bail has own uniqueness which can be compared to other places. Bali is titled as paradise of Indonesia, because of its awesome natural scenery. Beside bail is titled as paradise of Indonesia, bail is also named as island of god. It is something which can be said normal if you see some tradition and culture which relate to god veneration which is kept by Balinese who are dominant belief in Hindu as their region.

About Rule of Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour is one of tourism activities in Bali which you can do if you have planning for taking trip to there. This tourism activity can be said as favorite one who is often chosen by tourists, Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour is one of recreations which relate to water, but it is not kind of Bali water sports activity, it can be said as something which looks like trip. Something which makes this activity looks interesting is absolutely submarine which will be used for Bali this activity. In simple definition, it is underwater trip by using submarine which is supported with high technologies. Submarine which will be used has 17 meters of length, 4 meters of width and 5, 5 meters of height; it also has 72, 6 ton of weight.

There are some things which you need to know about Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour, this trip usually will do in 45 minutes. Submarine tour can be categorized as high class tour; it makes possibility for you for watching underwater scenery without diving. You can see some underwater plants and many species of fish like watching it from glass of aquarium. Because this underwater tour will take time which is long time, you are suggested to go to the toilet as you can, because submarine which is used has no toilet or WC. You are also not allowed to smoke, eat or drink as long you are in submarine; it is one of rules which you never deny.

Procedure in Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Submarine which is used usually has capability to accommodate maximum 36 people as passenger. Before you enter submarine, there is procedure which is weighing your weight and stuff for considering weight which will take by submarine. You do not need to feel worry about safety of submarine, Odyssey Submarine in Bali is totally safety for underwater trip and it can reach depth of water which is usually reached by professional diver with international standard equipment. It is all about Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour which you need to be known before you go for vocation to Bali.