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Bali Rafting

Bali Rafting The Best Adventure Tour

Bali Rafting

Bali Rafting

Bali rafting having different experience for your vocation is such as good idea for refreshing your mind from daily activity like working. Bali water sport perhaps can be one of ideas which you can consider as your vocation plan. Perhaps some of you have not visited Bali yet; Bali is one of provinces in Indonesia which is popular with its tourism destination. Bali is also known as island of god and paradise of Indonesia, absolutely there are reasons why this island is called like that. Bali is called as island of god, because it is place with dominant people who belief in Hindu as their religion and they keep their traditions which relate to god veneration like Nyepi tradition. For another title of Bali which is paradise of Indonesia, Bali is called with that name, because Bali has awesome natural scenery.

Recommended Place for Bali Rafting

Bali rafting is activity which you can do when you holiday to Bali as tourism destination; Rafting is one of outdoor water sport which is popular in the world since 1970-s. Rafting uses inflatable raft for navigating river or stream. Rafting has some grades which are classified based on river wide and river wave condition. Grade 1 is given for river or stream which is categorized into Small River, this grade is usually used for training basic skill of rafting, Grade 2 is for river or stream which has giant rocks and there are other grades which are too many for being mentioned one by one. Grade of Bali rafting is categorized into grade 1 and 3, grade 3 is known as rafting which is used river or stream with small drops.

There are many enough rivers or things to do in Bali which are usually chosen for Bali rafting, you can choose it by yourself. Telaga Waja River is one of rivers which you can choose as your river for rafting, this river is river with longest track for rafting, and it has 16 kilometers of length. You will need 2 till 3 hours for walking through track of this river. This river has clear water which races along, it also has amazing scenery around it which will make you impress when you take journey to this river.

Other Amazing Rivers for Bali Rafting

Besides river which is mentioned before, there are 2 other rivers which also can be chosen as your rafting area. River which are meant before are Ayung River and Melangit River, both of them include into best rivers in the ball for rafting. Ayung River is in Payangan village, Ubud, if you choose this river as destination, it will take 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. This river has 13 kilometers of length and it will take 2, 5 hours for walking through track of this river. During walking through track of this river, you can take picture around the river, because this place offers amazing scenery which may not miss. The last river which you can choose for Bali rafting is Melangit River; this river is in Bakas Klungkung village. This river is popular with its beautiful scenery around river.