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Bali Sea Walker

Bali Sea Walker as Interesting Vocation Activity

Bali Sea Walker

Bali Sea Walker

Are you thinking about vocation for refreshing from your activities? If you are, Bali sea walker can be put into your vocation planning. Bali is right place for spending your precious vocation time, it is one of places which are able to make you impress. Bali is province of Indonesia which can be said as place which is popular with its natural scenery and culture uniqueness. Bali is titled as island of God which makes this island popular, that title is given to Bali, because of Bali keeps its culture and tradition about veneration to god, you can see one of traditions which are known as Nyepi. Bali is also titled as paradise of Indonesia; it can be understood if you watch the natural environments which Bali has. Bali is one of best places in Indonesia with beautiful natural environment which you have to see.

Bali sea walker is one of activity which is offered when you visit Bali, sea walker can be said as one of favorite activities after Bali rafting which are often chosen by tourist for spending their vocation. Sea walker in definition is tourism activity which is done by walking underwater to see underwater environment, absolutely you have to be equipped with some special equipments. Like its name, principle of sea walker is not swimming but walking underwater, you will use special helm with air hose which is usually used for ocean walker for supporting your oxygen necessary during walking under water. There is guide who will guide you when you are underwater, so you do not feel worry about safety. Bali sea walker will offer you different experience which relates to underwater besides diving. You can have experience for doing contact with natural underwater environment and some fishes without diving dress which is usually used for diving. Even this tourism activity includes into activity with cost which is expensive enough, but there are many tourists who feel interesting and they are ready to pay for it.

There are many enough places in Bali which offers Bali sea walker as one of tourism packets, you only need to choose it and decide where you will do this activity. Sanur beach can be said as one of favorite places for Bali sea walker which you can choose. If you want to go this beach, it has 30 kilometers of distance; you will take 30 minutes journey from Ngurah Rai Airport by riding motorcycle.

Step of Bali Sea Walker

There are some steps which you have to do before you go underwater for this activity, first step is absolutely relates to wear sea walker equipment, there are instructors who are ready to help you wearing this equipment, equipment which is meant is special helm which is mentioned before. After you have done with first step, you can go underwater together with your Bali tour guide who will guide you during you are underwater. Guide will help you to go underwater and go off the water; you can start to take some pictures when you are underwater as documentation of your Bali sea walker.