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For anyone visiting the island of Bali, trying to find the right Bali tour guide is important. While the island is not terribly large, it can become easy to become lost in the throngs of people who call the island home and all the tourists visiting from around the world. The right tour guide in Bali knows where the best locations are for visiting the beach, taking in religious ceremonies or just to break free of the typical tourist destinations and to experience old-world Bali. Having a bit of information before landing on the island can truly offer the best travel experience while on the island, no matter where someone is from.

Independent Bali Tour Guides Offer the Best Price

There are many overpriced Bali tour guide. Many people want to book American, or at least English based Bali tour guide. The problem with this is the tour guides, whether they are from the United States, Australia or other English speaking nations in the world, are going to offer the tours in Australian dollars or US Dollars. This can drastically mark up the price of the tour in Bali. Now, some people might feel more comfortable with an expat giving them the tour, but for often a far more unique and intimate Bali holiday packages, it is far better to go with an independent tour guide. Some of these individuals might have a website to book from, the truly the best option is through TripAdvisor.

Here, looking up local Bali tour guides who are from the country, offer excellent prices and know some of the finer elements of the city that an outside may never truly know, this is the best way to go about doing it. Plus, Trip Advisor can offer insights into the tour guide instructors as well, so if you find Bali tour guide Trip advisor all of the reviews come right from the mouth of those who have experienced the tour themselves. This Bali tour guide fees offers the best rates and they can be screened ahead of time in order to make sure they are local people giving local tours. The most popular tour guides do need to be booked well in advance though, as the more positive reviews they receive, the harder it becomes to book them as the more popular they become.

Local Bali Tour Guide at Tourist Attractions

Now, it is possible to avoid booking a tour guide before arriving in Bali. Naturally, for the longer flights, it might take a few days to shake off the jet lag, so waiting until someone is ready for a tour guide is important. Transportation to different sights is not difficult in Bali as there is a wide selection of available taxis. At many of the larger tourist destinations in the Island, such as the monkey temple in Ubud, there are different Bali tour guide  who can give out desirable Bali tours package. Each are generally locals who are from the area and with a large number of guides, the price for the Bali tour guide  is almost always inexpensive. Asking for credentials for the tour guide is a good idea though as it can help make sure the people offering the guides are not simply people from off the street who do not know what they are talking about and are just looking to make some easy money. With these kinds of Bali tour guide tipping is not usually necessary. While it is appreciated, when you pay for the set amount of time, you are already paying them directly, so you do not need to pay extra at the end of the tour. Most tour guides are going to say how long is your holiday in Bali, so it is possible to schedule other plans around the Bali tour.

Bali Tour Groups

Now, there are many Bali tour groups that come with a guide. Some organizations like STA help connect students with student groups. There are also other Bali tour guide that specialize in retired tourists. Now, many times these people are local, as it helps keep the price down for the booking agency. There are some pros and cons with this. First, it is easier to get around and they do know some the best destination in Bali to check out or restaurants to visit. However, the downside is many have agreements with local bars and restaurants, so they only go to these locations because they receive a kickback from the bartender or restaurant owners. If the bars and restaurants are of a finer quality than this is well worth it, but it is just something that should be considered when booking a Bali tour guide.