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Bali Tour Package

Bali Tour Package

Bali tour package including adventure and culture, Both Classic Greek Philosophers like Socrates and ancient Hindu teachers emphasize the need to know one’s self. If you are considering holiday to Bali, you will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and search for meaning in life.

If you simply want to go to a beach, you can go to Coney Island or Jones Beach, to 57th Street or other beaches in Chicago or Santa Monica beach in LA. Bali is about exploring yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having Bali tour package is a vacation that also teaches you about who you are, than Bali holiday is worth the investment in time, money and life energy.

There are many disadvantages to touring on your own. You likely to get unwanted surprises and catastrophes. There is a great Bali tour package deal of stress in coping with hassles in a foreign language and being totally confused with not knowing what you are doing and where you are going.

What is the Best Bali Tour Package

While a package will cost more, you will get a home base or bases, guaranteed transportation and the flexibility to focus on the areas of interest that appeal to you. Your interests maybe cultural and you want to visit beautiful Bali temples and learn about the religion. In contrast, your interest may lay in exploring the Bali tours adventure, flora and fauna, and so you may want to go on hikes, rock climbing or underwater snorkeling in Bali.

Let the Bali tour guide handle the logistics. The best solutions for planning your trip are Bali tour package. Some tours are ultra-individualized and tailored to exactly what you want. Other Bali tour packages can be done as a group. You can create a group by bringing friends and family. By setting up your own group you may gain some discounts. Tour options provide excellent security when you travel in Bali.

Bali tour package can vary depending on the activity level that vacationers want. There are plans for those who want one activity a day like surfing, those that want two activities a day like hiking and swimming and those who want three activities like mountain climbing, Bali scuba diving and exploring temples. The latter group might well be tri-athletes.

More expensive Bali tours provide well trained and experienced tour guides who are fluent languages, such as Indonesian, English and Balinese. The more expensive tours are likely to provide higher rated hotels and restaurants.

Bali Adventure Tour

When people in Bali talk about adventure tours, there is a strong emphasis on the adventure! One of the amazing activities is a world class Bali white water rafting adventure. Other Bali tour package adventures include river kayaking through calm waters. More adventuresome tours include jungle trekking, mountain cycling and helicopter sky tours. There are also Elephant safaris where you can touch, feed and even ride the elephants.

Some young couples have celebrate their wedding or vow renewals at the elephant park. It is a trip for making memories. With the extinction of the Bali tiger, there is no tiger hunting like there is in India.

Another adventure in Bali comes after the sun goes down. It is the night life and it is fun, dis-inhibiting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Bali Temple Tour

Having started on a spiritual discussion, we can end on one as well. Most of the Bali tour package companies provide a full day or half day temple tour. The temples are Hindu temples and are often very old. Each has its own unique character, ceremonies and holidays. Some have specific opportunities and spaces for meditation. The temple staff are receptive to Western tourists.

Full Day Bali Tour Package

Full day packages are a very good way to see a lot of Bali in very little time. They are 8-10 hours long. They generally focus in and around one locale, and they provide an amazing amount of diverse experiences. Some of the sites and experiences of a full day tour include the Ubud village with the real Bali culture, Celuk Village for silver art, Batuan village for Painting art, Batuan Temple, Tegallalang Rice Terace, Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Royal Palace and Ubud Market. A Bali full day tour is a bargain at the cost between $33 and $55 per day.

If you are interested in more active Bali full day tour, there are a broad array of activity Bali tours package. These include activities like rafting, elephant riding, horseback riding, trekking, cycling and water sports. Bali tour package offer flexibility in how many and what type of activities you choose.

Half Day Bali Tour Package

A half day tour package makes sense if you want to relax part of the day. You maybe jet lagged as well as exhausted from you busy work schedule and resting feels very good. Or you are into the night life and stay up late partying. You can relax and luxuriate in the hotel during the morning and then take a half day Bali tour service. You may see fewer sites, but you are getting what you want out of the Bali tour Package.