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Bali Villages Trekking Tour

Bali trekking tour package

Bali Villages trekking tour

Bali Villages trekking tour

There is some Bali trekking tour that available in Bali. The tour that is usually chosen by the tourist is Bali trekking tour. This is a tour package in Bali to enjoy the trek in the Balinese people or especially the traditional villages. You can feel the nature while walk in a wet rice field or Rice Paddy which available in Bali islands. Walk alongside the rice paddies and through chocolate plantations. You also can through the fragrant coffee. Not only see the nature and feel the local village atmosphere, but you can also see the amazing temples and local craftsmen at work. You will be guided by the guide to accompany you. You also will get the information about the history of the temples and the information of handicrafts. You can ask anything to the guide to explain more. The guide usually will speak in English, because they will be trained to speak in English fluently.

The purposes of this tour is to explore the beauty of Bali nature, culture and being interact with the local community. You can greet the people in the village and play with the friendly children. You can watch Bali Barong dance performance, art market, royal palace, gold and silver art, art painting and some others beautiful place in Bali. Some Bali tour companies usually have some requirements to book the Bali trekking tour package. You can book on the Bali trekking tour company website, and they will reply the confirmation in your e-mail. After that you have to pay it via transfer. And some companies have provisions if you cancel the tour booking suddenly or when the driver or the guide arrive at your place, the money will be refunded only 50%.

The price list of Bali village trekking tour

You will be picked up around 8 am in some place like Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, Kuta, Sanur and Ubud. The price range of some Bali tour companies are usually around US $ 60 for adult, US $ 45 for children and US $ 200 for family. And they will receive a minimal order for 2 persons. You may choose where the village will you go such as Ubud, Kintamani, Uluwatu, Jatiluwih and so on. And you can also choose the Bali trekking tour package that you want, it usually available for Full Day tour or Half Day tour Package.

Needs during Bali trekking tour

For further information, you can ask for the customer service of Bali adventure Company that you have chosen about what the needs that you have to bring and the terms of the company. The usual thing that some tourists bring or wear like Hiking shoes, Backpack, Jacket and Long pants. You have to bring only what you need, because it will be too heavy if you bring too much stuffs. And you should bring some cash; maybe you will need it for tipping the Bali tour guide and the driver or to buy some handicrafts.