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Bali Water sport

Bali Water sport for your Holiday Package

Bali Water sport

Bali Water sport

Do you want to feel different and unique Bali adventure for your vocation? If you do, Bali water sport can be something which you can put in list. Some people who have ever visited Indonesia absolutely know about Bali. As information which you can take as reference, Bali is one province which is Indonesia, Bali can be said as province in Indonesia which is interesting to be visited although Bali has train trip like China offers, because this province has no railway. Bali has highway which can be categorized as better than other provinces in Indonesia. Bali is known by the world with some titles like Paradise Island and island of god. There are unique background which becomes those titles are given to Bali. Bali is titled as Paradise Island, because Bali has beautiful natural environment which can be said as another paradise in Earth. If you come to visit Bali, you will never feel disappointed after all natural environment which Bali has. For second title which is titled to Bali, background which becomes story that title giving is Balinese who keep trying conserving its tradition and culture.

Rafting as Choice for Bali Water sport

Bali water sport is one thing which you can do in Bali; there are many enough water sports in Bali which are offered by some places in Bali. Rafting can be one of choice for your water sport, this sport is popular enough in the world, rafting started to be known since 1970-s. Rafting is water sport which is done in river and stream and it uses inflatable raft as media for rafting. It is divided into 6 different grades, Rafting in Bali is categorized in grade 1 and 3, and those grades are given based on river classification. Grade 1 is given for Small River and grade 3 is given for river with giant rocks.

Rivers which are usually taken as area for this Bali water sport are Telaga Waja River and Ayung River. Telaga Waja River can be said as river with longest track in Bali with 16 kilometers of length, it fit for this Bali water sport, because it has swift enough flow. Ayung River is also good place to be considered for rafting in Bali. This river is in Payangan village, Ubud, it perhaps need 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport to achieve this location. This river has 13 kilometers for distance of track which you have to walk through, you will watch incredible natural environment during journey before doing this Bali water sport.

Sea Walker as Unique Bali Water sport

Another water sport which you can do in is Bali sea walker; it can be said popular enough in Bali. Sea walker in Bali is little bit different with diving. Concept of sea walker is walking underwater without diving dress; you can wear casual dress or bikini for this activity. The only equipment which will be used and equipped to you is special helm which has air hose; this helm is usually used for ocean walking. You also will be guided by instructor for making sure your safety; you will get different experience than diving from this Bali water sport.