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Balinese Village Cycling Tour

Bali Cycling Tour Getting Closer with Bali’s Culture

Balinese Village Cycling Tour

Balinese Village Cycling Tour

Bali holiday What was glanced in your head? Vacation destination place, isn’t it? Yeah, Bali is famous as a recommended place for spending your vacation days. Not only just because its beaches, but also about its exotic landscape and its culture. Bali is one of the greatest island which still able to stand its local traditions. As island with majority Hindu people, Bali branches out with all of traditional values. Bali has its own tradition which gets in touch with Hindu learning. By all of these factors Balinese culture is attracted the wider society. Bali cycling tour is one of the various vacation packages which you can choose.

What is interesting of Bali cycling tour activity?

As the world knows, Bali is one of the best destination places for your holiday. And one that attractive in Bali is about its culture. Balinese has a unique character and culture. Balinese holds out their norms and traditions firmly. Thus is what brings the Balinese strength to avoid the culture contamination from the outside. And thus strength also which attract the tourist to know more about their culture and daily routine. Bali cycling tour provides you to get closer with the Balinese’s lifestyle. By cycling through Balinese village, the biker will be showed with the Balinese activities, their daily routine, their daily works, their daily religious ritual, and so on. Balinese also attract the tourists with their politeness, humbleness and friendly character. The Balinese has a fervent local wisdom, which can inspire the bikers in Balinese Village Cycling Tour.

The tour will begin after having a breakfast. The biker will be dropped into the start point. There, they will be commanded and briefed about their cycling tour. This cycling tour will pass through some Balinese villages. Every tour agent has its own track. However, each of the tour agents has prepared its special route for their consumer. The Bali tour agent commonly provides a professional cycling guide. The special places which usually pass by the biker are Sangeh Monkey Forest and Historical village of Carang Sari where we can meet with Sumatra’s Elephant. This Bali cycling tour usually takes about 2 up to 4 hours to ride around the Balinese village. During the riding, you can discover the Balinese daily routine and their social life. The biker also can look out their local houses and their rice paddy field which still uses traditional model, from the irrigation till their harvest activity.

Bali cycling tour Routes

Cycling through the Balinese Village will give a special impression for the tourists. They will feel like finding something new by riding their cycle through the Balinese village. Be sides, enjoying the tour they will learn many wisdom values that appears in every single path they have passed through. Getting closer with the local people of Bali, shows them the Balinese local wisdom. Their special tradition and their power to firmly grip their traditional values give a deep impress into the bikers. This Bali cycling tour not only enjoyable vacation choice, but also valuable vacation’s wisdom.