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Banjar Hot Spring Water

Banjar Hot Spring Water is The Interesting Destination North of Bali

Banjar Hot Spring Water

Banjar Hot Spring Water

Banjar Hot Spring Water is natural tourism object always be an interesting place to visit during holiday in Bali. The different situation from city frenzy makes most of people choose to spend the holiday in natural tourism object. Talking about holiday, there is one place that should not be missed; that is Bali Island. As the most famous tourism object in Indonesia, provides lots of natural object that will give you unforgettable giveaway. Bali is not famous for its beautiful beaches; there is one natural tourism object that has lots of benefit. It is Banjar Hot Spring Water . As we all know that natural Bali spring water brings lots of benefit for the body; it relaxes the nerves. There are some hot water springs in Bali; for example Angseri hot spring water which is located in Tabanan regency, 40 km away from Denpasar, then Penatahan hot water spring (Yeh Panes) which is located in Tabanan regency in the side of Yeh Ho river, and Banjar Hot Spring Water which is located in Buleleng regency, the last Toya Bungkah hot water spring which is located in Bangli regency.

The Beauty of Banjar Hot Spring Water

Banjar is a small village located not far from Lovina beach for approximately 5 km in the west side. Banjar Hot Spring Water been discovered thousand years ago. During the Japanese colonization, the government made restoration and the pool had used by the Japanese soldier. Although, the hot spring water is designed like pool, but it does not make the natural trace disappear. Tress and flowers is planted around the pool to make the visitor feel comfortable.

To get to the pool, the visitors have to walk from the parking area. A long the way, there are lots of souvenir and snacks vendor.

Based on the height level, Banjar Hot Spring Water pool is divided into three with unique swimming sensation on each pool. The first is the highest pool with eight dragon fountain. The second is the largest pool with layer with five dragon fountain. The last is the smallest pool with three dragon fountain. On this pool, you can enjoy water therapy sensation because the fountain is 3, 5 meter on height. The visitor can choose between bathing and swimming, but both are interesting.

After bathing on hot water, you will feel hungry. There are restaurants near the pool that will serve you with their best Balinese culinary. For those who want to stay a night, there are hotels and home stays of your choice. No need to worry about the culinary; lots of restaurants with Balinese food or European food will feast your tummy. With only entrance ticket for only 5,000 IDR for adult and 3,000 IDR for kids, you can enjoy another sensation of Banjar Hot Spring Water. It is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. The access to get there is not difficult; if you do not bring your own vehicle, there are also shuttle bus from the terminal will bring you there.

Advantage of Bathing on Hot Water Spring

Natural hot water spring in Bali contains minerals from the earth such as sulfur. This sulfuric water is believed can relieve numerous skin disease and tiredness. In the pool with three dragon fountain, it can give massage sensation because of the height of the fountain. Doing two exercises in the same time, swimming and spa relaxation makes the body healthier and all the stress gone. The water is around 35 Celsius degree; it can widen skin pores so that the mineral substances can be absorbed.

Although, hot water spring tourism object is not as famous as the beaches, but it is the perfect place to have different vacation than the usual Enjoy the great Bali tour package with Banjar hot water spring

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