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Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple Place to visit during Ubud Tour

Batuan Temple Bali

Batuan Temple Bali

Batuan Temple is one of the popular Temple. Bali is such an interesting place to visit and you will never run out of the reason to make this beautiful island as a main destination each time you plan a holiday trip. Obviously, Bali is home to gorgeous and relaxing beaches. In addition to that, the culture and the hospitality of the people of Bali is not something that you can easily find in some places else on the planet. Every tourist must have their own favorite tourist attractions in Bali. If you happen to visit Bali to feast your eyes and your mind with an array of beautiful Hindu temples, you must not miss to visit the popular Temple in Gianyar, Bali. Many tourists visiting Balinese temples as one of the most obvious heritage of ancient Balinese culture can be such an overwhelming experience. Not only that they love to see the ancient heritage with their own eyes, they also wish to know the history behind the creation of Batuan Temple Gianyar Bali.

The Location of Batuan Temple

Reaching the site of this temple should be very easy even when you have never been to Bali before in your life. Actually, this temple is a beautiful Hindu temple set that is located in the middle of Batuan Village Gianyar. You can find this temple set beside the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. It is obviously a strategic location for an interesting tourist destination. The Batuan Village itself is located in Sukawati District in Gianyar Regency. You can reach this village with only a 25 minute trip from Denpasar City or Ubud Village. Should you make Gianyar town as your check point, it only takes 30 minutes to get to Batuan Village.

The visitors come to Batuan Temple love to feast their eyes with the beautiful design of the Balinese architectures on the temples. You can easily find the antique Balinese ornaments decor at the entire site. Every visitor will get in touch with the beautiful architectural design even when they enter the entrance gate. Not to mention the fiber of chromatic black palm tree that are used for building the roof temple. Just like many other Balinese temples, this temple of Batuan also includes three different areas. Not only that you can enjoy your time at Utama Mandala or the area of the main temple. You will be indulged with the Madaya Mandala, which means the middle area and the Nista Mandala as the outside area.

The Function Of Batuan Temple

Most Balinese people still practice their traditional prays and the way their worship their Gods never seems to change over time. The village of Batuan take advantage of the temple in their area the same way as their great grandparents did. They see this Temple in Bali as the right place to worship their gods. According to the Balinese traditional calendar, you will be able to see the festival of Batuan Temple every six month or twice a year. On the day of the temple festival, every villager of the Batuan Village take their parts to worship the god in this temple.

The History

Apparently, Batuan Temple is another Tri Kahyangan of Tri Murti temple is Bali. For that reason, you will find three different sites with its own functions. The Village Temple turns out to be the place for worshiping God Brahma, while he Puseh Temple is used to worship pf God Vishnu. The Dalem Temple is the place to worship of Lord Shiva. This beautiful and interesting tourist site was founded in 1020 AD of the (44 year of isaka. This very old temple was built based on the concept introduced by Mpu Kuturan to Balinese Hindu community around the 10th century. You can come to see the ceremonial via Bali tour service Barong dance show and Batuan Temple.


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