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Batuan Village

Batuan Village The Center of Bali Art Painting

Batuan Village art painting

Batuan Village art painting

Batuan Village is located in Gianyar Bali. Unlike some other Bali destination that is only famous for a single tourist attraction, Bali is home to many different districts, in which of every area of Bali provides you with various tourist attractions. You can surely visit a number of beautiful beaches in Bali and this type of tourist site is not the only thing that makes thousands of people coming back to this island. Bali, in fact, is also well known for its art painting galleries. Batuan Village would be the right destination should you wish to discover the traditional art of Balinese people. There are two different types of painting in Bali that have been very attractive to many people around the world. Sacred paintings are the kind of Balinese art painting that is only created by the people for a religious purpose only. Other than that, you shall find fine art products as well. This art painting is meant for more commercial purposes.

More About Batuan Art Painting

Batuan Village is well known for its art painting galleries. What makes this Balinese art painting more interesting than the Western painting would be the different style and perspective. In most art painting from Batuan, you will find more dynamic character. You might find some difficulties in finding the main focus of the Batuan art painting as all objects in the paintings seem to appear in a simultaneous manner. There are many different objects in the traditional art paintings and it is good to know that all the paintings comes with its own price. So far, the traditional painting with Bali dancer as the object comes as the most favorite to many tourists.

Back then, the artisans of Batuan art painting in Bali had to use tempera paints in order to create their own art paintings. Somehow, the modern artist materials from the western culture has been introduced to the people in Bali including the artisans in Batuan Village Gianyar. Today, many of the traditional Balinese artisans in Batuan have turned to using watercolors and acrylics in making their art paintings. Most of the art paintings from Batuan encompass the sacred and capture the everyday life of the traditional village. It normally takes a number of thin layers of paint to form an art painting. They need to be applied on a shaded ink drawing. You will find innumerable details and a flattened perspective on the painting as it has dark palette and crowded composition.

How to Reach Batuan Village?

Batuan Village for Art Painting is pretty easy to reach since it is only 7 kilometers away from the Denpasar City. If you happen to stay in Ubud, all you need to do is head south for about 10 kilometers. The art paintings from Batuan has been very famous since the 1930s. Many people love to enjoy the density and immensely details of the art painting and Batuan Temple. Most of the time, the art paintings capture the Balinese ceremonies and Balinese dancers. The demand for Balinese art paintings that capture the daily life of traditional Balinese people and more modern Bali ambiance seems to show a significant raise over the last few years. But still, the Batuan Village art painting is well known all over the world for its Balinese dancer paintings. In addition to their well known art paintings, this tourist destination is also known for its wood panel carving and traditional dance. Therefore, visiting this tourist site is surely worth of your time since you can enjoy a number of different tourist attractions at the same time. Make sure that you visit for the best Bali Art Painting as one of your main destinations at Batuan Village.