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Batukaru Agrotourism

Batukaru Agrotourism And Coffee Plantation Bali Tour Package

Batukaru Agrotourism And Coffee Plantation Bali

Batukaru Agrotourism And Coffee Plantation Bali

Batukaru agrotourism is one of the interesting Bali tour deal. Mountain adventure can never be boring. The chance to see the beautiful scenery, feel the fresh air, and experience of trekking is so adventurous. Most people develop their hobby by sparing free times to explore beautiful and mysterious side of a mountain. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world; also surrounded by mountain range. There are hundred active and inactive mountains in Indonesia, some even set place under the sea. Hundred years ago, two of most powerful mountains in Indonesia erupted and caused massive climate change all over the world.

Speaking of mountain, almost every area from the west to the east of Indonesia has active and inactive mountain. This condition is God gifted as it makes fertile land to Indonesia. The mountain range also exists in Bali. This small island has at least 12 mountains; two of them are active mountains Bali. Bali is not just famous for its beaches and underwater beauty; it has other natural tourism object which can not be missed. Mount Batukaru Bali is one of the inactive mountains in Bali. Although is not as famous as Mount Agung and Mount Batur Bali, but still has its own attractiveness to make the visitors come.

Mount Batukaru

With 2276 km high above the sea, mount Batukaru cannot be omitted from the adventurer list. A long the way to mount Batukaru, the road leads to unexceptional beautiful scenery of the green and yellow rice field terrace thal cannot be found anywhere else. Located in Tabanan regency, this mountain offers unforgettable adventure moment.

Batukaru agrotourism Tour Package

One tourism object that can not be omitted is Batukaru agro tourism. Agro tourism means agriculture tourism spot. It does sound ordinary since most of the place on the earth has been cultivated for farming. What makes this one different? Batukaru agrotourism offers a Bali tour package to coffee plantation on the slope of Batukaru Mountain. Located next to Batukaru restaurant, the agrotourism served a scenic view of terraced rice field. The plantation on Batukaru agrotourism is not limited to coffee only; thanks to the fertile land, cocoa, pineapple, fruit stars, and snake fruit (salak) is also planted here. This awesome agro tourism also shows how to make the popular Balinese coffee. All the process of making this coffee is traditionally done. Balinese coffee is roasted using traditional stove with firewood which makes the taste of the coffee different from the other.

Coffee lover believes that different area of coffee plantation also produce different coffee taste. Bali is also famous for its tasteful coffee which often called luwak coffee. In Batukaru agrotourism, visitor can also see the process making Bali luwak coffee. In Indonesia, luwak coffee is famous for delicious taste and expensive price. It is indeed different because the coffee been eaten by this animal, luwak, and then luwak will eject the eaten coffee within 24 hours. Luwak is a small animal who eats coffee, the outer skin of coffee actually, and it will digest the coffee beans then eject the coffee beans. This small animal can be found Indonesia only as it is tropical animal. Therefore, this coffee is then process into delicious coffee which can only be found in Indonesia. Luwak coffee has different taste than the common coffee because it has fermented in luwak’s stomach. It said to has a rich and heavy flavor coffee. Besides luwak coffee, visitor can also enjoy ginger tea or chocolate with the scenic view of river valley.

No need to pay for entrance fee to enjoy such delightful coffee and beautiful scenery. Batukaru agrotourism definitely is a must visit tourism spot. Beautiful scenery in Bali and tasty luwak coffee are definitely unforgettable moment. So, who’s ready to taste delicious luwak coffee at Batukaru agrotourism?