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Batukaru Temple

Batukaru Temple Is An Interesting Bali Tour Package

Batukaru Temple Bali

Batukaru Temple Bali

Batukaru Temple is one of the popular Bali Temple that you need to visit for you Bali holiday. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world; there are thousands of islands can be found. Every island has its own uniqueness and different culture and language. Bali is on of the island in Indonesia which is rich in culture. Balinese people have strong belief on their religion, Hindu, and they maintain all the daily activities based on their religion. The Balinese culture is influenced by the religion. When we visit Bali, we can see that most of the building has the temple touch, they wear traditional clothes even for daily activity such as ‘sarung’, and in most of every house, there is always small temple to put offerings to worship God and ancestors. This very culture is hardly to find in non Bali area.

The Balinese people maintain to preserve the culture and religion for years. The globalization era does not make them forget and abandon their culture. This is why Bali is unique than other island in Indonesia. As most of the native people’s religion is Hindu, there are many rituals and ceremonies held throughout the year. Usually ceremonies take place in temple; therefore, there are so many temples in Bali. Some of the temple is opened for public tourism but some of them are opened for religious event and ceremonies only. One of the temples is Batukaru Temple or the native people call Pura Luhur Batukaru.

About Batukaru Temple

Although this temple is not as famous as Besakih temple, but Batukaru Temple should be added to holiday list. Located in slope of Batukaru mount, Tabanan regency, this temple has already exist since the 11th century.

The temple is used to worship God as the great God who grows plants using the water correctly. Therefore, this temple is called the place to worship Ratu Hyang Tumuwuh; means that God as the source who unite water and plants so that it well grow and save live. The philosophy to take care of nature should be adapted in to daily life. The well grow plants will decrease the amount of carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen for more healthy living. Besides, plants also make the world cooler and can prevent from global warming.

Worshipping in this temple is rather different from others. First thing first, before worship on the temple in Batukaru Bali, native people should worship on Jero Taksu temple which is located quite far from this temple. Those two temples are a package that can not be omitted or separated in order to have perfect worship. Then, they have to wash their hands, feet and gargle to purify the body.

What is interesting on Batukaru Temple ?

Located on the slope of Moun Batukaru on 2200 meter high, Batukaru Temple having area of shrines along with a pool amides lavish and tropical Bali rain forest. The main shrine lies at the north of the complex. Two smaller temples, Dalem Temple which is a shrine with seven-tiered roof and Panyaum Temple which is a shrine with three-tiered roof are used for ceremonies.

Each shrine of this ancestral temple in Tabanan represents different dynastic ancestor. All of the shrines in these temples are very modest without mush ornament. In the center of nearby pond, there is a small island with two pavilions; one for the goddess of Lake Tamblingan and one for the Lord of Batukaru Mountain.

After visiting this modest temple, it will be best to continue the journey to have Bali adventurous hiking on Batukaru mount with the help of native guide. Although, Batukaru mount is not as famous as the other mount in Bali, this makes hiking there not so challenging but still worth to try. So include your Bali holiday to visit Batukaru Temple.


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