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Celuk Village

Celuk Village Famous Bali art gold silver crafting

Celuk Village Bali

Celuk Village Bali

Celuk Village is Famous with art gold silver and crafting in Bali. When it comes to visiting a tourist site, it seems like we have our own reason. A certain tourist site must have its own interesting aspect that will be able to attract and invite as many people as possible every year. Bali never seems to fail in becoming a huge magnet for thousands of international and domestic tourists. You will never run out of a good reason holiday to Bali every year. When beautiful beaches and stunning traditional dances are less interesting for you, you can still visit this place find unique handicrafts made from gold and silver. There is no other place for you to visit for this particular reason than Celuk Village. You shall be indulged with the facility related to Bali sterling silver bead production in the outskirts of this village. The tradition of producing metal work has been practiced by many generations in this beautiful Balinese village.

The Main Attraction in Celuk Village

Bali might be the only tourist island on the planet that is filled with a plethora of tourist attractions. Not only that this place is home to heavenly and beautiful beaches for you to relax and enjoy your summer holiday, the island of gods is also famous for its gold and silver handicrafts. The people of Bali and their local government has transformed a traditional Balinese village named Celuk Village into an interesting tourist attraction. The trademark of this village is the gold and silver handicrafts that come with very unique appearance and high quality. You can locate this village in the entrance gate of Gianyar. It is precisely located in Sukawati district, Gianyar Regency. This village is well known for its excellent production of interesting Bali handicrafts made from gold and silver.

The creativity of producing silver and gold handicrafts has been passed from generation to generation in this village. It should not be too surprising to see all the families and villagers at Celuk Village are gifted with professional skills to turn silver and gold metals into creative handicrafts with high economic values. The silver and gold handicrafts of this village are well equipped with high quality and beautiful appearance. Those aspects have made if possible for the products to penetrate the local and national market successfully. It is not surprising that the handicrafts from Celuk Village Gianyar are now widely available in the international market. The handicrafts come in a number of different forms. Not only that you can various forms of jewelries like earrings, rings, necklaces, brooch and hairpins, the villagers of Celuk are also capable of producing modern goods like medals, models and culture symbols made from gold and silver. You can consider this effort as a quick respond from the Celuk Village artisans to the increasing market demands.

The Location of This Village

Celuk Village has turned out to be a popular tourist destination in Bali. You should not find any trouble in reaching this village as it is strategically located. You can reach this place rather quickly as it is only 10 kilometers away from the capital city of Bali Province, Denpasar City. Visiting this village would be an appropriate approach for you to get the best of Bali island. When you are done shopping for your most favored silver or gold handicrafts, you can easily feast your eyes with the Barong dance performance at the neighboring village called Batubulan Village. If you have a great interest in finding more artistic items, you can go to Batuan Village to find plenty of Balinese traditional paintings.

The is an array of silver and gold handicraft galleries along the main road of Celuk Village. Most of the time, these art galleries are visited in the morning and afternoon. You can either visit the handicraft galleries at the beginning of the tour or make it to wrap the day.