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Git Git Waterfall

Git Git Waterfall Places Of Interest In North Bali

Git Git Waterfall

Git Git Waterfall

Git Git waterfall is a natural tourism never loses its visitors. Most travelers always put natural tourism in top of their list. Visiting natural tourism object gives different satisfaction sensation. The challenging road, the beautiful scenery, and fresh air are can not be found in other tourism object. There are types of natural tourism for instance: Mountain, beach, lake, spring water, river and waterfall.

Bali as an international destination object never stops spoiling its visitor every day. It is indeed well known for its wonderful natural tourism object. So many different tourism spots can be found here; let say there are lots of beautiful beaches with perfect waves to surfing. There is also wonderful lake with temple in the middle of it. In Bali there is also magnificent waterfall with virgin forest surround it. Speaking of waterfall in Bali, there is one that will spoil the visitor with all the beauty that God has given to this island. It is Git Git waterfall which located in desa Gitgit, Buleleng Regency. Although it is not as famous as Kuta, this 35 meters waterfall can be considered in visitor’s travel lists.

How to get there?

Git Git waterfall can be accessed from Denpasar approximately 90 km away for about 30 minutes via the main road from Denpasar-Singaraja. Along the way up to this beautiful waterfall, visitors will pass some other tourism object like Bedugul Great Park and Beratan Lake, Buyan Lake and Tambingan Lake. After passing Beratan Lake, the road starts to slope upward until the view point od Tambingan Lake. In this view point, visitors can stops for awhile to feed monkeys or just simply enjoy the lake view. Due to the road condition which is slope up and down and full of bend in the road, drivers have to be very careful. From the parking spot, visitors have to walk for about 500 meter through winding and slope up and down footpath. It highly recommended wearing proper foot wear, the non slippery type, to prevent from slip.

What’s in there?

This highest Bali waterfall is surrounded with thick and virgin forest. When walking down the food path, visitors are spoiled with the amazing view of rice field, plantation and forest with cool fresh air. This tourism object is perfect for those who love adventure, trekking and even natural tourism. There is no need to worry to get lost because the local village provides Bali tourist guide. For some visitors who are not habitually walking down this kind of road, there is some rest area provided. After visitors get to the waterfall, all the tiredness will automatically fade away. The melodious sound of the waterfall will dominate the situation as well as wild bird. The calm atmosphere and shady place will give you kind of peace feeling. The sparks of water from the waterfall will give visitor fresh sensation. The river from Git Git waterfall flow allows the visitor to swim or just plays in the water. The cool and fresh water will help to refresh the mind. So for do not forget to bring swim suit and extra clothes is you plan to get wet. Along the way to get to Git Git waterfall, there are lots of local souvenir vendor which sell necklaces, shirts, Balinese aromatherapy and even small statues and figurines. It’s also important to draw some cash to buy some souvenirs, right? For those who love photography or just take selfie, there is special photo spot with amazing waterfall background.

Overall, having a visit to Bali destination spot can be a good alternative for vacation. Getting fresh air and beautiful scenery will give visitor unforgettable holiday; then Git Git waterfall is perfect choice to include your Bali tours.

Git Git Waterfall
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