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Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple as A Famous Tourist Destination in Bali

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

Gunung Kawi Temple an interesting and popular tourist destination in Bali. This Indonesian island is well known for an array of interesting Bali tours. In addition to its magnificent and breathtaking beaches, enchanting wildlife experience and numerous stunning Balinese dance performances, the island of Bali is actually home to many different traditional Hindu temples. These temples seem to be spread in every corner of the island. Almost every traditional villages set as a tourist designation has its own Hindu temple which is a heritage from their ancient culture. If you happen to visit Gianyar Regency, make sure that you do not miss out Gunung Kawi Temple as this old Hindu temple is filled with old omission from the stone age.

Just like some other traditional Hindu temples in the island of Bali, the temple of Gunung Kawi Bali comes with its own unique characters. The best way for you to reveal all the interesting properties of Gunung Kawi Temple is to visit this tourist site in person. If you have a greater interest in this traditional Balinese temple, your are most welcomed to read the rest of this short passage.

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali tour package

It is quit obvious to see the Gunung Kawi Temple another temple complex based on Hindu religion. This ancient heritage can be found at the Pekerisan River which is also known as Katyangan Amarawati. Many local people also refer this river as Jalu. This Hindu temple complex has become a symbol of the mount at its background. Perhaps, that what makes this Hindu temple is named after the mountain. In the complex of this Hindu temple, you will find 2 different consecrations. The first one is in the east side of the Pekerisan River that features 5 units, while the second consecrations located at the west side of the river actually has 5 units. There are 4 other units in the north side while in the south side of the river, you shall find a single unit that is separated from other units.

What This Temple Is All About

The visitors of this ancient temple shall find an article of Kediri owords n the above of the temple consecutive at the east side of the Pekerisan River. The Kediri word says ‘Haji Lumahing Jalu’ which means the king is made in the temple. Should we look at the words separately, Haji means a king while Lmah is the ancient Balinese word for temple. The last word means the Keris, the traditional weapon mostly used by kings in Bali. The temple of Gunung Kawi is dedicated to the King Udayana. This ancient Balinese King is also known as Anak Wingsu or Marakata. The temples that are related to all the king concubines are located in the west side of the Pekerisan River. The Gunung Kawi Temple was founded in 989 M, which is the era of King Udayana. If you love to schedule some temple visit with Bali tour service, make sure that you do not exclude the temple of Gunung Kawi from your list. This hindu temple is surely worth of your visit.

Gunung Kawi Temple actually very popular destination in Bali and thus, reaching this place should not be a trouble for the visitors. This interesting tourist destination can be found in a lot of different tours to Bali. Relying on public transportation to reach the temple of Gunug Kawi sould be very easy as well. It should not be too surprising to see most of the drivers that are willing to give you enough information on how to get to this fascinating holiday in Bali.


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