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Jatiluwih Cycling Tour

Jatiluwih Cycling Tour Back to Nature

Jatiluwih Cycling Tour

Jatiluwih Cycling Tour

Up till now Bali is known as its many beaches. Bali grows up from a small-size island into international holiday destination, which brings so many international tourists. Actually, Bali becomes a vacation destination place not only because of its beaches but also its culture and traditional values. From time immemorial, Bali has been known as an island with firm traditional values. This is also about their works, even the world are changing into industrial working orientation. Balinese holds their traditional works firmly. To discover this value you can choose Jatiluwih cycling tour as your vacation activity choice. Bali is always identically placed as the great place for holiday destination includes Jatiluwih rice terrace.

Discover the nature with Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Cycling Tour

Jatiluwih is one of the famous places in Bali. Jatiluwih is known as rice terrace. This rice terrace unfolds from the foot of mountain up to the onshore. Jatiluwih cycling tour’sextensive- size attracts the tourist to find out its beautiful point of view. The green rice terrace unfolds in the altitude of 700 meters above sea level. It causes Jatiluwih is covered by a fresh atmosphere, which will spoil your nose and eyes. To reach all of that view you should drive about 48 km from Denpasar, Bali and up from Tabanan town about 28 km. With such as those beautiful sceneries, Jatiluwih becomes one of the recommended holiday destination places. Jatiluwih cycling tour is one of the cycling tours which will guide you to discover the exotic of Jatiluwih.

The Exciteness Jatiluwih Cycling Tour

Cycling tour in Bali is one of great vacation activity that gives you both pleasure and knowledge. This cycling tour gets you closer with the local people, the local people of Bali who still alive with their traditional wisdom. This cycling tour not only spoils our sight but also gives us insight of local people traditions. There are various kinds of cycling tour package which are offered to the tourist, such as Bali downhill Kintamani cycling tour, Balinese Village cycling tour, and Jatiluwih cycling tour. Each those kinds offer different values and benefits, but all of them are concentrating to discover the local people cultures and traditions. Those offers try to give the tourist about the insight of Balinese wisdom.

If you want to be closer with the nature you should choose Jatiluwih rice paddy cycling tour in your vacation list. Jatiluwih cycling tour is allowed for all of ages. So, you can enjoy together with your beloved people. The price is highly varied according into the tour agent, commonly there are three categorize of the fee, adult, children, and family. Adult costs about USD 50 up to 60, Children costs about USD 40 up to 45, and family could cost up to USD 190. This cycling tour package will provide you the beautiful landscape of Jatiluwih, with its biggest rice terrace in the world, the farming ritual of Balinese with their entire traditional model. So please contact your Bali tour guide to have the amazing Bali cycling tour for your holiday in Bali.