Jatiluwih Rice Field Terrace

Jatiluwih Bali Rice Field Terrace The Beautiful And Green

Jatiluwih Rice Field Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Field Terrace

Do you feel bore with the ordinary vacation? Do you need to visit somewhere out of the box? Here is the answer. Vacation does not need to be expensive. It also does not need to be always beach, mountain, zoo and some sort of thing. This time let’s pack your luggage and go to somewhere quiet. Yes, it is rice field terrace with the green turf.
As an agricultural country, most of the area in Indonesia is rice field. As Indonesian resident, rice is a staple food; therefore most of the land is cultivated to become rice field. Some other land left is permitted to become the protected forest to be place for the wild animals. One of the famous rice fields in Indonesia is located in Bali. The land contour in Bali which consists of many hills will cause massive landslide if it is not formed into terrace. Rice field in Bali is shaped into terrace to avoid the landslide. There are some rice fields in Bali such as Antap-Antosari, Busungbiu, Ceking, Jatiluwih and Pupuan. The pattern of one terrace to another has different shape due to different land contour which is dominated by mountain slope.

Jatiluwih rice field terrace

Talking about rice field in Bali can not be separated from the largest rice field terrace; Jatiluwih is located in the bottom of slope of Batukaru Mountain on Tabanan Regency. This tourism object is considered as tourism village which is located on 7000 height above the sea level. One of the most of beautiful tourism object in Tabanan, Jatiluwih rice field terrace presents broad field scenery and surround with mountain range with fresh air. Visitors can combine the tour schedule start from Bedugul, Jatiluwih, Yeh Panes Tabanan, Monumen Subak, Alas Kedaton, then Tanah Lot.

History of Jatiluwih rice field

The beautiful rice field range from the north of Tabanan approximately 48 km from Denpasar. Jatiluwih rice field has been known since the Netherland colonization on Bali (1910-1942). The early years of its existence, the access to the field rice was not well managed therefore not many tourist visited there. Around 1970, thank to the government fund help; the infrastructure development has given more attention. It was then beautify the facility in Jatiluwih rice field and makes it a proper tourism spot for visitors.

Tourism object in Jatiluwih rice field

The beautiful scenery of the rice field terrace provides visitors with series of religious ritual. The local people hold unique religious ritual once every 210 days on hari Wali, Petoyan, Patirtan, Rabu Kliwon Ugu. On the top of that religious ceremony, some Balinese women dance the sacred Wali Pendet dance. This unique religious rituals should be included into visitors must see list and make sure to mark the calendar because this one is too good to be missed. This beautiful rice field terrace has once nominated as world heritage by UNESCO. To spoils the visitors, Jatiluwih rice field terrace is equipped with parking facility, public toilet, Bale Bengong, and Wantilan as rest area. The visitors do not need to worry about the street condition; the government has built good infrastructure. There are also restaurant in Jatiluwih which provides visitors with delicate meal and drink. There is nothing better than having lunch with the beautiful surrounding.

Vacation does not need to be always common places; rice field such as Jatiluwih rice field terrace can be a good choice for those who need some fresh air and quiet condition. Bali as one of the island in Indonesia, still keeps their religious and divine cultural present the visitor with series of ceremony. Those ceremonies can not be found in other area outside Bali. Enjoy the beautiful rice field in Bali with Bali tour service.

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