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Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak and Fire Dance The Most Popular Traditional Performance in Bali

Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak and Fire Dance

Bali has to be the most well known island from Indonesia. Unlike any other island in the country, the island of Bali has turned out to be one of the most visited islands on the planet. Millions of tourists, both from domestic area and international countries, visit gorgeous Indonesian island every year. The number of the tourist keeps on increasing from time to time. Should you wonder about what makes them coming back to the island of Gods, there is no better way to find out than Bali holiday in person. Bali is home to a number of traditional dances and the Kecak and fire dance performance is obviously the most well known traditional dance performances from this beautiful island.

This traditional Balinese dance features typical choir from the male performers. The choir comes with the sound of ‘chak-chak-chak-chak’ during the dance performance. The male performers with the typical choir seem to imitate a troupe of monkeys. Perhaps, the name of the dance might be derived from the choir. There should be more interesting information about Kecak and fire dance performance you need to find out, therefore, make sure that you read the following paragraphs.

The Story of Kecak and Fire Dance Performance

Despite the fact that Kecak dance with fire dance performance has turned out to be the most popular traditional dance from Bali, the tourist version of this dance was not developed and visible to the public before the 1960s. If you wish to watch this popular Balinese dance, you can simply head to Ubud region where the traditional dance of Kecak is performed very frequently. The Kecak dance tells us an interesting story that is very familiar to the Hindu followers. The tale of Kecak dance is derived from one of the great Hindu holy books entitled the Ramayana. You will find two different characters that represent the good and the evil. The good side of the story is represented by Prince Rama while Rahwana represents the evil side. Rahwana was known as the King of Alenka who was trying everything he could to steal Princess Shinta from Rama. Somehow, Princess Rama and his protecting brother, Laksmana, were fallen into a trap set by the King of Alenka. The kidnap mission went successfully and Princess Shinta was in Rahwana possession.

Prince Rama had to ask all the help he can get and worked hand in hand with Hanuman, Garuda and Sugriwa to release Princess Shinta from Rahwana’s hideaway. There is a chanting wonderfully synchronized with the eerily exciting coordination during the dance performance. Thanks to all the performers taking part in the Kecak and fire dance performance and the actors who pose as an army of monkeys, you will be indulged with the unbeatable spectacle each time you watch this Balinese traditional dance performance live.

What Makes Every Audience Stay on Their Seat

Kecak and fire dance performance features a number of interesting parts that will make you enjoy the entire dance performance. The stunning voice from the male dancers turns into a musical rhythm and it is used as a background of the traditional dance. You will find more than a hundred of dancers with bare cheated who sway their body and hands in a great harmonious movement. The checkered pants that they wear end up as a fascinating view during the performance.

Most of the time, this well known Balinese dance performance take 45 minutes on the stage. That does not seem to be enough for a world-class traditional dance performance. If you happen holiday to Bali for the first time, the Kecak and fire dance performance is obviously a must-see event.


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