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Kintamani Village and Volcano

Visiting Kintamani Village and Volcano

Kintamani Village and Volcano

Kintamani Village and Volcano

When you plan on holiday in Bali island this season, it would be much better if you have a clear idea on which places to see. Bali is home to a number of different tourist destinations where each of the tourist sites offers their own uniqueness. If you look for the most favorite tourist destination in Bali that will bring you that much closer to the mother nature, you might want to consider visiting Kintamani Village and Volcano. Not only that you can embrace yourself for experiencing the nature of six ancient Balinese villages in this area, the active volcano of mount Batur is worth of your time as well. The beautiful lake in this tourist site would be a bonus for every visitor. Kintamani may not offer you the beautiful beaches like Sanur, Kuta or Uluwatu for Kecak dance, but this place is surrounded by the captivating nature with six different villages around cauldron of the lake of Batur.

The warm hospitality of the local people is something you do want to miss in addition to their unique cultures, life style and traditional houses. Apparently, there are a number of villages in Kintamani area such as Kintamani Village, Buahan, Abang, Sukawana, North Batur, Middle Batur, South Batur. Songan, Trunyan and Kedisan Village. This beautiful region in approximately populated by around 15 thousand residents. Most of them make their living as farmers and merchants, while some of them are listed as industrial tourism workers.

What Makes Kintamani Worth of Your Visit

One of the most visited tourist site in Kintamani area is a Village. Being located at 1500 meters above the sea level, this traditional village has a cool temperature. The damp climate is this village makes a perfect spot for the people to grow oranges and passion fruit. The people of Kintamani Village have a market day once in three days on the main street. The market day is on, you can see plenty of vendors offering their goods, some of them have to travel far away on horseback just to reach this temporary market. The traditional life style of the people in this village will take you back to the ancient age as it is still untouched by the madding crowd in the city.

The beauty of the Kintama Village is not the only main reason that invites thousands of people every month. Many tourists come to this place just to get in touch with the volcano life in Kintamani. In fact, Kintamani Volcano has turned out to be the most favorite tourist destination in the central of Bali which is filled with plenty of beautiful mountains. As you reach the volcano site, you shall be indulged With all the spectacular views with the caldera. The beautiful view of the Batur Lake fill most of the area with the caldera. There is no way that you can miss this beauty. the actual crater of Batur Mount is 13 square km wide and it has become the main attention of the tourist site.

How to Get to Kintamani Village and Volcano

The next time you visit Bali, make sure that you put this tourist site in your schedule. This place is only two hours away from the capital city of Bali Province. You can start your trip from Denpasar by taking public transportation from the station and head to Bangli. After an hour of trip that will take you to Batubulan, take the route to Ubud and you will find some buses that will take you to Kintamani area. Take the bus at Pura Beaskih and this route will finally get you to the Kintamani Village and the Kintamani Volcano should be a lot easier to get from there. Or you can have Bali tour service for fullday.