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Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach Dolphin Tour Places Of Interest In North Of Bali

Lovina Beach Dolphin Tour

Lovina Beach Dolphin Tour

Summer vacation is not complete before visiting beach. Yes, summer is about lying all day at beach and gets you a sexy tanning. But, you do not need to wait until summer to give yourself a sweet gift after the hard work. There is one beach in Bali, Indonesia which has all the wonderful scenery that only can be found there. Bali is famous for its beautiful natural tourism especially beach. There are several beaches can be added to your holiday list, but this one can not be missed out; that is Lovina beach Buleleng, Bali. As sweet as its name, Lovina will give an unforgettable experience.

The Location of Lovina Beach

Technically, the tourism area of this beach is Kalibukbuk tourism, but it is well known more as Lovina tourism area which is include two villages from Buleleng regency. It is 10 km away from Singaraja or 120 km away from Denpasar or for three hours drive.

The name of Lovina is given from A A, PanjiTisna. As the story goes, Lovina is obtained from brand of a little hotel in India, “Lafeina”, the place he was once spend a night and wrote popular book entitled “Ketut Widhi”. There is also story which tells that the name Lovina is taken from a hugging tree that his son plants. Later then, as the years of Drs. I Ketut Ginatra governance, Lovina is stand for the word “Love” and “Ina” which means love Indonesia.

What to do in Lovina Bali?

The main reason to visit this beach is the calm beach, black sand, corals and tropical fish. This beautiful beach is perfect for your getaways. For those who love water sport can try to swimming or snorkeling in Lovina Beach.
The best activity of all is Bali dolphin tour. Every early morning, packs of dolphins swim across the beach. Visitors can rent traditional boat to enjoy the swimming dolphin. If Hawaii has swimming with the dolphin as its object, so does Indonesia has the swimming dolphin Bali tour. This jumping dolphin is only a kilometer off shore. But, make sure to come at dawn or you will miss the swimming dolphin. Along the way to see swimming dolphin, visitor’s eyes will be spoiled with the view of the mountain that surrounds the beach and also the sunrise sheer in the sea, also the fresh breeze will make visitor’s nose fresh. When the boat is already in the sea, the local fisherman will take a look to the surrounding to find the dolphin packs usually seen. But pray for your luck of course because sometimes dolphins can not be found anywhere due to the weather. If you are lucky enough, do not forget to take pictures because you can not see this dolphin any time.

For the best vacation, as soon as you reach Lovina beach, find hotels and home stay to spend a night to see the dolphins in the following morning. After years of development, there are lots of public facilities to complete you vacation. There are hotels, home stays, restaurants, souvenir shops and even money changer. Other than Lovina dolphin tour, visitor can enjoy the calm waves by canoeing, sailing and diving in Lovina. The most important thing that cannot be missed at beach is sun bathing. The wonderful scenery of the beach will spoil you with warm tropical situation. For photography lover, do not miss the chance to capture the amazing sunset of Lovina Beach.

Overall, the best time to visit this wonderful beach is around June to September when the rainfall rate is lower of the year and it means more sun to enjoy.


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