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Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud– An Interesting Tourist Attraction You Visit

Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud

Thousands of tourists from many different countries keep visiting Bali every year. Most of the tourists allocate sometime of their Bali holiday trip to visit and enjoy the beauty of Ubud Village. This traditional and very religious village is home to very friendly villagers that will welcome you with an open arm at each of your visit. The warm welcome from the villagers will make you want to go back to Ubud Village the next time you have a chance. As one of the most fascinating and picturesque tourist destination in Bali, Ubud Village has plenty of tourist attractions. Not only that this village is famous for its religious temples and Bali traditional art market, Ubud seems like the right place for those tourists who wish to experience fascinating wildlife filled with exotic animals. If you happen to visit Bali to get in touch with its astonishing flora and fauna experience, make sure that you allocate some of your holiday time for visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

What Makes The Ubud Monkey Forest Worth of Your Visit

Bali is simply one of the most astonishing and interesting tourist destinations on the planet. It is almost like you will never run out of a good reason to save your money to prepare your next visit to this beautiful island in Indonesia. If you are the kind of guy who love to stay closer to the nature in during your Bali visit, then you must not miss out visiting Ubud from your holiday plan. You can make your visit more enjoyable by getting very close to a plethora of wild monkeys in a sacred sanctuary forest. The Monkey Forest in Ubud is now home to extremely tame monkeys in a great deal of numbers. Occupying 27 lush and green acres of natural forest, this place manages to invite more than ten thousand visitors every month. As the number of the visitor keeps in increasing very rapidly from year to year, the Monkey Forest in Ubud is now an extremely popular tourist destination in Bali.

The plethora of wild monkeys is obviously the main attraction of this rain forest. Every visitor shall be warmly welcomed by tame monkeys. You can easily interact with those monkey and have a great time in the relaxing nature. However, the tame attitude from the monkeys should never lower your attention to your packed lunch. One of those tame monkeys can easily steal those sandwiches from you. Despite the fact that the Monkey Forest in Ubud in the largest one in Bali, the tame monkeys in this area are more likely to give you a more memorable experience.

The Monkey Populations in This Forest

By the time Ubud Village was considered as a tourist destination in Bali island, this forest is dwelt by three different groups of monkeys. You can find more than 200 monkeys lingering freely in the location. All those monkeys belong to the long tailed monkey group known as the Maraca Fascicular is. Not only that you shall be accompanied by more than 98 little monkeys, you can also find 79 adult female and 23 adult male monkeys. They are divided into three different groups to occupy three different areas in this small rain forest. Those monkeys are spread in order to avoid any rough competition or unwanted fight that mostly happen when two different groups of monkey are occupying the same area.

How to Get to The Monkey Forest

Balinese people call this place as the Wenara Wana. Being located 1 kilometer away from the Ubud government, you will find no trouble in reaching this natural tourist site and Mas Village. Thanks to the good access built the authority, you can reach the Monkey Forest Bali by any vehicle from any direction.