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Mount Agung trekking tour

Mount Agung trekking tour Offers an Epic Sunrise

Mount Agung trekking tour

Mount Agung trekking tour

When you heard about Bali you will be remember about Kuta beach, Tanah Lot, Bedugul Lake, Nusa Dua beach, Lovina beach and the other nature attraction. Besides, Bali is famous of the art such as painting and dances. There are many famous dances here such as Barong, kecak and many more. What is the greatest thing about Bali is even in the globalization era; Bali is always keeping the tradition. Anyway, have you heard about Mount Agung trekking tour? Well, you must be thinking about view sunrise in the peak of mountain. You are not totally wrong because the tour is focus on viewing sunrise, but what make it different is that you will never be able to find the sunrise as beautiful as in the mount Agung in the other mountain of the world.

Deeper knowledge about Mount Agung trekking tour

What is actually that you can get in Mount Agung trekking tour? Mount Agung is the highest mount in the Bali Island. You can reach the peak of the mountain by 4-6 hours of walking. You should take some break in reaching the peak of mount Agung. There are two starting point in trekking mount Agung, Pasar Agung temple and Besakih temple. If you feel you have a spirit of adventure, this activity is really fit you. The activity of hiking and reach the peak of mountain is something challenging. Many people travel around the world only to see the sunrise scenery from the various places of the world. If you think you are the one of them, you have to join Mount Agung trekking tour to view the sunrise that is very epic.

Why should be Mount Agung trekking tour?

Mount Agung is not only the highest mount in Bali Island; it is also the holiest mount in this island. As the holiest mountain, mount Agung is believed as the home of gods. In joining Mount Agung trekking tour you will be guiding by local mountain guide to help you trekking the mountain while discover the spiritual element from the mountain. It is a complete package, fresh outside fresh inside. You will feel fresh outside because you will feel the fresh air from the freshness of nature. Moreover you will be fresh inside by discovering the element of spirituality that is able to fresh your mind and calming your heart. You will be deeper in love with the nature. It is so spectacular journey that you will never find in the other place because we only have one mount Agung.

So what are you waiting for? You do not need to consider anything in joining Mount Agung trekking tour. It is a very cool Bali adventure that you will be very enjoy and grateful to join. If you claim that you are a sunrise hunter, you have to go there to the peak of mount Agung and capture the sunrise no matter what. It is some kind of proof that Bali will never lose its attraction since Bali always offer epic places to explore.