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Mount Batur Trekking Tour

Mount Batur Trekking Tour, Get In Touch With Monkeys


What do you know about Bali? Beaches? Lakes? Temples? Arts? Dances? What else? Do you ever see a beautiful sunrise in Bali? Most of you must be seeing it at the beaches. But do you ever try to view the sunrise in Bali Mountain? If you never do it why you don’t try it? Bali Mountain, one of them is mount Batur. To feel the experience of beautiful scenery of sunrise in mount Batur you can join Mount Batur trekking tour. This tour will guide you to trekking the mount Batur to view the sunrise.

What will you do in Mount Batur trekking tour?

You must be actually wondering what will you do in Mount Batur trekking tour right? Mount Batur is an active volcano mountain that is surrounded by caldera and a beautiful lake Batur. In trekking mount Batur you can feel the fresh air of Bali nature that is still virgin. The scenery from above the cloud is very spectacular. You will feel very amazed with the sunrise from mount Batur. You are not only able to see the sunrise but you can also explore the lake Batur. The caldera of mount Batur is civilized by many civilians in some villages. So, you can see the activity of civilian there. Moreover in mount Batur you will be welcoming by many wild monkeys there. There are monkeys from every ages living in mount Batur trekking tour.

What to bring in Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour

As usually you should prepare carriage before doing hiking, but since you will do the trekking in daylight you should only bring what you really need. Since the tour will start before the dawn you will need Hat and glove to keep you warm. Because you will keep on hiking you will need trekking shoes to make your step comfort. Long pants and jacket also needed in trekking the mountain. Remember that you will have a Mount Batur trekking tour in the daylight, so please bring your sun block so you can apply it every time you feel you need to. Something that you have to bring is camera, never leave the camera because you have to capture every moment in your journey. Of course you have to capture the beauty of sunrise from mount Batur.

The instructor will help you in trekking mount Batur. This tour can be followed by adult or kids. The rate is different for adult and kids. For kids the rate is little bit cheaper than for adult. You can ask your children to see the beautiful sunrise in mount Batur while teach them about loving the mother earth. When your kids enjoy the journey to reach the peak of the mountain, they will be easier to teach about loving and keeping the nature. Something that must be interested for your children in Mount Batur trekking tour is that they will find many monkeys there. The monkey is wild and free and who know they are brave enough to interact with them. So, have a nice visit in Bali, the land of gods.