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Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach – A Stunning Tourist Destination in Bali

Padang Padang Beach Jimbaran Bali

Padang Padang Beach Jimbaran Bali

Padang Padang Beach Jimbaran is one of the popular destination in Bali. If you are looking for beautiful beaches for you next holiday, Bali should be your first priority. This gorgeous island is filled with a large number of beautiful beaches that offer relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the ocean. Apparently, you can simply choose any beach that you like and if you have a great interest in the kind of beach that offers an enchanting ambiance right in the pocket of lava rocks, then Padang Padang Beach must be listed in your holiday trip. This beautiful beach is located near Uluwatu and you will have to go through a cave crevice at the entrance gate. Thanks to the famous world-class waves, thousands of tourists never seem to stop visiting this beach every month. The tourists are coming from every corner of the planet and they can have a great time swimming as Padang Padang Beach. In addition to that, many of the tourists see this place as a perfect place for snorkeling in Bali. Despite the fact that this beach is smaller than some other popular Bali beaches like Kuta and Sanur, every visitor will be amazed with the enchanting and memorable setting. There is no need for you to pack up with plenty of beverages and foods in your bag as this place is also home to a number of traditional small stores or warungs. The normally offer various types of drinks and snacks.

What is Interesting at Padang Padang

The water in Padang Padang Beach is safe, you can freely swim or have a sneak peek to the beautiful views of the reef through a snorkeling. This beach is located on the mountain in Jimbaran Bali and it obviously offers a amazing place for you and your family to relax. The calm water by the sand makes a perfect spot for you and your family. If you are tempted by the world-class waves, you might as well grab your surfing board and break those waves on the offshore reef. By the time you follow the narrow staircase to reach this place, make sure that you watch your head as you pass under an overhang. This beautiful Bali beach has been really famous to many tourists. You shall find it very easy to rent some umbrellas and buy simple beach foods. In fact, you can also taste the most common and popular Indonesian food at this beach called nasi goreng. Not only that you can surf the waves and have a great sunbathing experience, the beautiful sunset from Padang Padang Beach is simply sensational.

Exploring The Padang Padang Beach

This exotic beach is located in Jimbaran Bali. It is very close to the dreamland beach. The small wave at the beach makes it very safe for you to swim. As you look at Padang Padang Beach, you must have the sensation of having a giant swimming pool that features exotic cliff views and breathtaking sunset. The blue ocean lies under the bridge at Jalan Labuhan Sait offers a heavenly view of the beach.

If you happened to watch the Hollywood movie entitled Eat Pray Love starred by Julia Roberts, you must have been very familiar with the stunning view that appears during the trip to Uluwatu Temple. The fact that this exotic beach is located with white rock hill make it all possible for every tourist to enjoy the breathtaking view of Indian ocean. Many tourists who visit this place is also fascinated by the spectacular sunset in the late afternoon. Despite the fact that you have to come up with slightly tiring effort to reach the perfect spot in Padang Padang Beach, the stunning view of the soft white sand and turquoise sea will be a great reward.



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