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Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple Historical Vacation In Bali

Taman Ayun Temple Bali

Taman Ayun Temple Bali

Taman Ayun Temple is a historical vacation in Bali. Vacation does need to be natural tourism object. Perhaps in one time, you want to have quiet and peaceful vacation the Bali historical vacation is the answer. Historical vacation also has its attraction because visitor can get two benefit; educational and vocational. There are thousand of temples and Bali which is functioned both as worship place and tourism object. When visiting Bali, do not forget to visit Taman Ayun Temple. This temple is well known as recreational park so that most of tourist gives a visit to see historical inheritance from Mengwi kingdom.

Location of Taman Ayun temple

This beautiful temple is located in Mengwi village, Badung regency, approximately 18 km away from Denpasar City. Build in 1634 by I. GA. Putu, Taman Ayun is the main temple (Pura Ibu) or Paibon in Balinese language for Mengwi kingdom. First time build, this temple is named Taman Genter. Later then, the name is changed to Taman Ayun as Mengwi kingdom grows bigger and the temple is relocated on Selasa Kliwon-Medangsia. That date is then commemorated as the Taman Ayun Temple anniversary. This gorgeous temple has undergone several times of renovation and the biggest on was in 1937.

Taman Ayun Temple Bali is build on 100 x 250 m2 area; arranged on outer yard and three inner yard.the outer yard is called Jaba; from the outer yard, visitors have to cross the bridge to the Bentar gate. That gate is the entrance to the next yard. In the first yard, there is a small place called wantilan which is used on ceremonial event as well as cock fight in the relation to ceremonial event. In the first inner yard, there is bale bundar which is a place to rest. Next to bale bundar, there is pond which is filled with lotus with fountain which is sprayed water to nine wind direction. There is also limitation wall which is carved with the 9 Gods who protect the wind direction. The last yard, called Jaba jero, is the higher and considered as the most purified. This yard is only opened on ceremonial events only.

The three yard in the temple area represents symbol from the three cosmic levels. The first is the place where human live, the second is spiritual place, and the last symbolizes heaven where the God live. In an ancient tale titled Adhiparwa, all the temple area represents mount Mahameru which floats on milk sea.

The function of the Temple

Taman Ayun Temple is build with the purposes, that is: as a worship place, so that the near people do not need to visit the other temple which is located far away. It is also unifier for the generations who worship here together. Also, it has prosperity purpose as the surrounding pond can be an irrigation source for the fields. On 2002, Taman Ayun Temple is advised as one of the world heritage on UNESCO by the government and the near society.

Beside those three purposes, this unique Balinese temple is perfect place for tourists in Bali who want to have historical vacation. Here is also perfect spot for photography and selfie lovers to take documentation with the temple background. For shopping lover, there are many snacks and souvenirs vendor. The perfect time to visit Taman Ayun Temple is during weekend because more people and even couples come to this Bali historical temple. The entrance ticket is only 3,000 IDR per person.

The main purpose of vacation is to refresh the mind. If you still arranging for tourism spots for next time visit to Bali, do not forget to add Taman Ayun Temple as it will impress you with all the beauty.


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