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Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple, Amazing Bali SeaTemple

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Bali offers lots of tourism objects for example beaches, mountain, museum, Water Park, and many more. Balinese people highly appreciate their culture and religion. They still maintain and preserve temples for worship and some of the temples also open for public. Each temple has its own uniqueness and purposes. There is one temple which located on an island in off shore. This kind of temple can be found only in two places in Indonesia, in Malang, East Java and Bali. In Bali, this temple on island is called Tanah Lot.

Location of Tanah Lot Temple

PuraLuhur Tanah Lot or usually called Tanah Lot Temple is a temple located in a small island on “center” of the sea approximately 50 meter away from the sea shore. When the tide is high, the visitors will see this temple surrounded by water and looks like exactly in the center of the sea. The best time to visit is in the afternoon since the tide is low. But during the full moon, the tide will be high all the time.

There are types of temple in Bali Tanah Lot Temple is one of the Pura Sad Kahyangan that is believed as the principle guardian of the Dewata Island. Located in Tabanan regency, this temple was built on 16 century by DanghyangNiartha. In the bottom of this little island, lived a huge sea snake which is believed as the guardian of that island. This snake is categorized as sea snake with flat tail, black and yellow stripe in the skin, and has three times more powerful poison than cobra.

The visitors of this beautiful Bali Temple only allow visiting the front yard of the temple. Women who are in period time are forbidden to visit the temple. It is strict rule because the temple is considered sacred place therefore not average people can come to the worship place. Only Hindu people who want to worship or doing religious ritual are allowed to enter the main temple.

What’s in Tanah Lot Temple?

Although it is forbidden to visit the main sacred temple, there is still more to see in this place. The visitor can have a look on fresh spring water and holy snake. The fresh spring water is called TirtaPabersihan is also sacred place in the area of Tanah Lot Bali. It is strange enough considering that there is fresh water spring in the middle of salty water. This spring water is used by the Hindu people to purifying their body. The visitors also allow washing the face while make a wish. As the story goes, the wish will be guaranteed. It is also said that the water can give anti aging effect.
There is also lived a giant snake which is believed as the guardian of the island. When seeing this snake, the visitors can put coin and touches it while make a wish. Even though it is considered as poisonous snake, but there is no record of it hurting the visitors.

The most favorite moment of all visitors is the sunset. Yes, Bali is famous for its Bali beautiful sunset. Photography lover can never miss this moment. If you are lucky enough, you can witness Odalan Ritual or the Tanah Lot Temple anniversary which is held once in every 210 days near the Galungan and Kuningan great day. The local people usually hold a tourism event called Tanah Lot Spectacular to celebrate the ritual.

For all those beauty and uniqueness of this sacred temple which can not be found any where, make sure to mark your Bali tour calendar the next time holiday in Bali.


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