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Tegal Alang Rice Terraces

Tegal Alang is More Than Just Rice Terraces You Need to Know

Tegal Alang Rice Terraces

Tegal Alang Rice Terraces

Tegal Alang Bali has to be one of the most popular tourist destination in Bali. It seems that this beautiful Bali destination has everything that an international tourist can ever hope to get from a perfect tourist destination. Not only that you shall be indulged with its sandy beaches, stunning traditional Balinese dances, big waves for surfing, natural wildlife experience and hedonistic nightlife, the island of Bali still has more to offer to every visitor. When you try to shift your focus to center of this gorgeous island, you might reveal an entirely different vibe well hidden by the nature and uninfluenced by the modern life of Bali. Tegal Alang is another amazing tourist destination located in the center of Bali that is filled with undulating hills of verdant green with tranquil river valleys. Every tourist destination has their own uniqueness and special attractions. Starting from an agriculture icon tourism for the island of Bali, Tegal Alang has turned out to be a very famous tourist destination.

What You Can Find in Tegal Alang

This place is well known for its rice terraces that come with various shapes and sizes. You can get the most out of this natural tourist destination by renting a motorbike. To make it all complete, make sure that you ride the bike with high level of adventurous spirit and you will be rewarded with a more enjoyable and serene setting. It is no secret that you can find plenty of other rice terraces on other half of the planet, but Tegal Alang rice terraces stand out as it offers a great place for you to spend a morning or afternoon enjoying the natural and breathtaking sights and sounds. In addition to that, you can also feast your eyes with the slower kind village life. Once you gear up with a motorbike and plenty of adventurous spirit to enjoy all those stunning views of the rice terraces, make sure that you bring your camera to capture them.

This place is worth of your time for sure. You can cruise around the area using a motorbike. As you stumble upon the fields, it is more likely that you will find a friendly local farmer to guide you back. You might be offered with a free tour around the area as well. Before the rice terraces considered as a tourist destination in Bali, the Village of Tegal Alang was known as a traditional Balinese village with plenty of villagers who work on the rice fields. Some other villagers also work as civil servants and in other private sectors. The beautiful rice terraces in Tegal Alang Village has made it very famous that draws more and more tourists to feast their eyes with the amazing panorama. If you wish to see the green side of Bali island, you should visit the rice terraces of Tegal Alang in person. Not only that every visitor of this village will be indulged with the astonishing views of the beautiful green rice terraces on the cliff bank, you will also have a better understanding about the hard efforts of the local farmers in growing their rice fields.

How to Reach These Green Rice Terraces

If you happen to visit Ubud in Bali, make sure that you take your time visiting a natural and famous tourist destination in the area called the Tegal Alang rice terraces. This tourist site is located in Tegal Alang Village. Being located on 600 meters above the sea level, this village is covered by good temperature that makes a perfect environment for farming rice. This famous tourist site is normally included in Ubud Village Tour or Kintamani Tour. Reaching this beautiful destination is very easy, if you are located in Ubud town center, you can take the main road and go as far as you can to the east. Once you turn north and cover a 9 kilometer distance, you can enjoy the Bali beautiful views of Tegal Alang on the right.

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Tegal Alang Rice Terraces