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Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village – An Interesting Tourist Site in The East of Bali

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village

It seems like we just cannot get enough of Bali regardless to the fact that we may visit this beautiful Indonesian island every year in our holiday trip. There are just too many interesting tourist sites in this island that are waiting to be discovered. Visiting all the interesting spots in Bali in a single holiday trip might not be enough. That is why we see many international and domestic tourists that keep coming back to this beautiful island every time they have a chance to plan a holiday trip. Beautiful beaches, the stunning views of the oceans, the fascinating traditional dance performances and the traditional Balinese temples are all available each time you visit Bali. Other than that, there are many tourists who actually allocate their holidays to visit a number of traditional Balinese villages like Tenganan village. Should you wish to have a closer look at the traditional Balinese villages and the traditional life of the farmers, then visiting Tenganan village will help you quench your thirst.

Discovering Tenganan village and Its Uniqueness

This traditional village is located in the east part of the Bali island. You can find this popular tourist site in Karangasem Regency. This particular village is much referred by a very famous cultural science in Bali named the Tenganan Pegringsingan. This Bali traditional village is home to a unique nearby community life style. This would be an obvious such as Bali Aga culture or also known as the Prehistoric life of Hindu religion. This particular feature has made Tenganan village quite different from other plain countryside in Bali. Thanks to the attractive and unique matters of this village, it has been appointed as a tourist destination by the local government. These factors have made this village come with more variations when it comes to tourist objects. More importantly, the uniqueness and special features of the Tenganan village has been fascinating every visiting tourist.

Why We Have to Visit Tenganan Village

The village of Tenganan is actually an old Balinese traditional village located in Karangasem, Bali. The unique traditional culture practiced by the local villagers has made it very popular among many tourists. Apparently, there are a number of different tourism objects that reside in this traditional village. The framework of bilateral culture direction at seniority collective is not the only main attractions in this particular village. The visitors will also have the chance to witness the countrified pattern of rural with linear character as well as the special ritual system that is practiced very frequently. The best time for you to visit Tenganan village would be in June. The visitor of this village will be welcomed by the tradition of Mekare-Kare. This village is also well known for its Ikat Pangringsingan, that is the art of crafting of cloth fastens designed with typical color.

Locating The Tenganan Village

The village of Tenganan has been very popular throughout Bali island that most local people will give you a clear guidance of how to reach this traditional village quickly. The location of Tenganan village is near the Candidasa beach. There are plenty of travel agencies who offer you with the tour that includes the village of Tenganan. You might want to take Karangasem Tour since this tour mostly discover interesting places in the east part of Bali including Tenganan village.

More importantly, the location of this village is quite close to a number of hotels is in Candidasa like Candi Beach Cottage, Alila Mangis, Bagus Candidasa, Lotus Bungalow and Rama Candidasa. Every hotel comes with their own prices and make sure that you choose the one that is suitable with your planned budget. Tenganan can be reach with full day Bali tour package around east of Bali.