The Best Time to Come to Bali

We all know planning a nice relaxing vacation is tasking. There are so many factors to consider and so many uncertain variables. So if you are planning to enjoy the spoils Bali has to offer, here are some few pointers.

Bali commands two high seasons. The Easter holidays which mainly spans the first three weeks of April and the December holidays which also includes the New years. However, overall the best times to visit Bali are during the second quarter of the year and also the end of the third quarter. These are the months of April, May, June and September.

So what makes these times unique, you wonder…
The temperatures are warm, with highs of 28°C (82°F) on average. These are ideal for all beach side activities like sun bathing, beach volleyball and building sand castles for the little ones. It is also less humid during these times and the rooms are half as costly as they were during the high season, if not less. That accompanied with the massive sales in shops all over Bali, why would you want to visit any other time.

Given that these are periods of low season, you have the advantage of traveling at lower airline tariffs and the are rarely crowded. The traffic conditions will therefore be favorable.

Did I also mention that the wind conditions are calm during these periods. The seas in turn are friendly, which is excellent for all types of water sporting events like surfing and deep sea adventures.

The uncompounded travel times to Bali are mainly during the rainy seasons which usually start in October and end at around March. This doesn’t mean Bali turns to a dull affair. There are loads of interesting things to do. You could take your time and visit our museums and learn our rich and ancient culture. Fun activities also include sea walks, yoga and spa treatments.

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