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Titra Empul Holy Spring Water

Titra Empul Holy Spring Water The Uniqueness of Bali

Titra Empul Holy Spring Water

Titra Empul Holy Spring Water

Tirta Empul Bali is known as the ultimate holiday destination on the planet. This Indonesian island has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world every single year. Since this beautiful island is filled with an array of different tourist attractions in Bali, you might need a long list to accommodate the entire tourist destinations in Bali. One of the main attractions of this Island is the religious temples. There are plenty of various temples in every corner of this island, should you look for the kind of Balinese temple that is also equipped with a great spot for leisure and relaxing your muscles, you might want to head to the Tirta Empul. Not only that you can feast your eyes with the stunning architectural design of the temple, Tirta Empul temple is also home to the holy mountain spring. You can find this interesting tourist site in the village of Maukaya in the center of Bali. This temple complex is now seens as a national cultural heritage site. The legendary setting of a traditional tale about good versus evil has made this tourist site even more valuable to many tourists.

The History of Tirta Empul Gianyar, Bali

Tirta Empul Temple is a complex that was built in the Balinese kingdom era in around 960 AD. The Warmadewa Dynasty is believed to be responsible for the establishment of this temple complex. Since it has passed the test of time, this temple is also the silent evidence that witnesses the old Balinese kingdom era. This tourist destination is located very near to the Istana Tumpaksiring, which is the presidential palace built in the era of Soekarno, the first and the most prominent president of Indonesia.

Literally, Tirta Empul means holy water spring and Tirta Empul Spring Water is actually the name of the water source located in the complex of the Tirta Empul Temple. Not only that the holy spring water functions as the purification baths, you can also find some pools and fish ponds in the surrounding area. All the water from this holy spring will flow to the Tukad Pakerisan river. The area of this Balinese temple also features many different archaeological relics and all of those sites are related to the local myths and legends.

Discovering The Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul temple is just like another common temple in Balinese culture. This complex of temple comes with thre different parts. You will be welcomed by the front part of the temple as you enter the entrance gate. Tirta Empul temple also features the secondary and inner courtyards which are appealing to many tourists. Before you get to the entrance of the temple complex, you will come upon the lush gardens and pathways well equipped with traditional and religious statues and tropical plants. You can easily find the Bali spring water as you walk through the gate of the temple. The bathing pools is also equipped with a large wantilan that functions as the meeting hall in the kingdom era.

Tirta Empul holy spring water is a holy place for Balinese people. That is why the visitors are required to dress respectfully before they can enter the complex of Tirta Empul temple. There is no reason for you to worry since the local people will help you with this issue. They will help you to enter this temple complex properly as they provide you with a traditional kamen. This kind of traditional cloth is used to wrap around you lower body part. The sash around the waist is used to keep the kamen from falling down. Unluckily, the female travelers during their periods are not allowed to enter the sacred site of the Tirta Empul temple. The Tirta Empul can be reach during visiting Tohpati Batik art village tour.


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