Ubud – Kintamani – Uluwatu Tour Package

Bali full Day Tour Package

Ubud – Kintamani And Uluwatu Tour Package

Starting time at 08:30 (Pick up at your hotel)
Finishing time at 19.30 (Arrival at your hotel)
barong-dance-bali Barong Dance Performance: Arrival time at 09.30
Barong dance is about the battle in between the good and the bad character. Barong usually takes numerous types however in this kind of Barong dance will take the sort of the ket Barong dance, one of the most sacred of Barong. We are going to see this Barong dance throughout Ubud Tour package. The Barong ket is actually a strange mask animal, part shaggy dog, lion which is performed through 2 guys with similarly like a clown horse show. Their challenger is a Rangda (bad character). Barong Dance is just about the unique arts local community of Balinese, wherever Barong itself is a symbol of kindness having shape as a lion.
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batuan-village-bali-art painting Batuan Village (Painting Art): Arrival time at 11.30
Batuan has become a center of Painting and handicrafts in Bali. Batuan village was not affected by western because they are in Ubud. Batuan paintings often dark, crowded representative of the either famous scenes or styles with lifestyle, freakish creature, and ghouls accosted folks. Batuan Village art were gradations with dark to white ink wipes laid over many of the surface area, in order to make an environment of darkness and also godnes. During the latest decades, the styles covered the whole space, which will contribute to the packed character of the Balinese stye.
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batuan-temple-bali Batuan Temple: Arrival time at 12.00
Batuan Temple is a Balinese Temple maintained by community of Batuan village. The particular temple was created extremely wonderful having rich in Balinese decorations as well as the roof of the temple constructing is made of the fibers of chromatic dark palm tree. The local people are extremely concern regarding the care and maintenance the temple buildings and the surroundings. Not every current property are old here, there are numerous who have renovation and change through Tenth century to Thirteenth century also in Eighteenth century. The construction and foundation of Batuan temple are quite hard strong.
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tirta-empul-holy-spring-water Tirta Empul Temple: Arrival time at 13.00
Tirta Empul is an essential temple and also holy hill spring, situated in the Manukaya village in middle Bali. The location functions as a legendary area of the traditional story regarding good vs bad. Additionally it is a nationwide cultural heritage location.The Temple, created circa 960AD, is another quiet experience for the old Balinese empire decades, especially during the Warmadewa Dynasty. An additional in the area and notable location over the mountain is a presidential building, known as Istana Tampaksiring, created through the decades of the nation’s 1st president Soekarno.
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Kintamani Vocano: Arrival time at 14.00
Mount Batur, also called Kintamani volcano, has become one of the most preferred visitor destination in the middle mountains section of Bali. Due to the spectacular look at the caldera, as well as the appeal of Lake Batur that floods the big area of the caldera, the particular crater of Batur is the main attention of the spot that’s approximated of having 13 sq. kilometers dimension. The vista is the major reason to visit here. Encompassed by the fascinating character of Batur Mountain, you will find tons more why you should remain on the crater.
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Tegalalang Rice Terrace: Arrival time at 14.30
Tegalalang rice terrace is well known holiday destination regarding gorgeous rice terraces, a lot of vacationers who go to Ubud stopped at the spot for a witness the advantage of the green terrace rice area surroundings or even having lunch time in the restaurant while experiencing the stunning surroundings of Tegalalang rice field’s terrace. Tegalalang rice terrace is one of many holiday destinations in Bali. Tegalalang rice terrace was created extremely gorgeous with beautiful hollowing field and exactly situated on the slope bank. On this spot, you will observe the Balinese farmer undertake the rice field in the area filled with the irrigation system.
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uluwatu-monkey Uluwatu Temple: Arrival time at 17.30
Uluwatu Temple is located on the 70meter of high cliff sticking out over ocean. You will find countless monkeys walking around across the pathway outside of the temple. A little woodland is situated in front and countless monkeys live. The Balinese believe that the monkey protect the temple via bad affects. The pathway to the temple is actually prepared by cement partitions around the cliff area. It takes approximately one hour.
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kecak-fire-dance-bali Kecak and Fire Dance: Arrival time at 18.00
Kecak Dance is actually a amazing traditional dance story regarding fragment through the Ramayana, Hindu legendary that finds the appearance in several types occurred close to of Uluwatu Temple. We are going to observe the dance while in Uluwatu . Uluwatu Kecak dance is the associated music is provided by people voice, a choir of hundred guys sitting in circles, lulling, standing, laying when the story occurs. Among the lulling masses the sounds of story
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