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Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market – A Unique Tourist Destination in Bali

Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market

There are many different places in Bali that you can visit and Ubud seems like the best part of this beautiful island. Despite the fact that Ubud is less famous than other tourist destinations in Bali like Kuta beach and Sanur beach, Ubud is surely a unique tourist destination that is loved by many tourists from all over the world. This region is home to many different tourist attractions. Not only that you can have a great time looking at the Balinese traditional people practicing their religious life in their sacred Balinese temples, you can also get closer to the nature by visiting the Monkey Forest in this area. Other than that, this beautiful tourist site is also famous for its Ubud traditional market. Thousands of tourists from every corner of the planet seem to have a great time visiting this traditional market in Ubud. Some of them love to see how the Balinese people of Ubud practice their traditional shop at the market, while some other tourists shift their focus on the traditional art market that is filled with many attractively design of handicrafts. These traditional handicrafts can be a great souvenir that they can take to their home country.

Ubud is obviously a different kind of Balinese village that has been phenomenal for its unique traditions, terraces rise fields, pristine greenery and exquisite arts. The popularity of Ubud has been skyrocketed since the release of Eat Pray Love movie starred by one of the most prominent Hollywood stars, Julia Roberts. In this Box Office movie, you can see how Ubud is beautifully described and it has brought more and more tourists from all over the world to visit this beautiful village.

The Existence of Ubud Traditional Market

Back than in the ancient age, Ubud was considered as the center of the government in kingdom era. This village was also the center of economy for local community. This village has been home to a traditional market that provides the local community with their everyday needs. Just like any other traditional market in other areas, Ubud traditional market is mostly visited by the local people in the morning. You shall find many people crowding this traditional market only in the morning. Despite the fact that this traditional market is the heritage of the ancient culture of this village, its existence is still preserved up to this day. Behind the modern life and development of Balinese tourism that makes Ubud Village as one of the main tourist destinations, the traditional market in Ubud has become a unique tourist attraction that draw many tourists every month.

Discovering The Ubud Village

Reaching Ubud traditional market should not be too hard for any visiting tourist as it is located in the heart of Ubud Village. The traditional market is actually the opposite to Puri Shaden or the Ubud Royal Palace. The traditional market of Ubud resides in a pretty large area, it stretches from the west to the east side where each side holds a different designation. The block on the east side is designated for the traditional market that sells daily basic needs for the people of this village. You can find an array of different items for your daily needs including fresh fruits, vegetables and many others. Meanwhile, the east side of the traditional market area is allocated for the traditional art market that is open every day from 8 o’clock in the morning until 6 PM. However, you can still visit this art traditional market in the evening as some of the shops remain open until night time. The Bali traditional art market is home to an array of souvenirs and handicrafts that are offered with relatively cheapest prices. Perhaps, that is why many tourists head to the Ubud traditional market for hunting unique souvenirs and handicrafts despite the fact that these items are also available in other places. Ubud can be reach by having Bali tours service for full day.