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Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple Balinese Shrine High cliff Bank

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is an amazing Balinese shrine on high cliff bank. There are so many different reasons that make millions of international and domestic tourists keep coming back to the island of Bali. A single article might not be sufficient to list out all those interesting tourist sites in Bali. Most of the time, the tourists keep on coming back to Bali due to their love to the beautiful and relaxing Bali beaches, an array of traditional dance performances and their traditional temples. There are so many beautiful beaches of Bali that are popular throughout the world. Most of us must have heard about Sanur, Jimbaran, Kuta, Dreamland, Lovina and many others. Othar than those gorgeous tourist sites, Bali is also home to an array of interesting temples including Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu has been a famous tourist destination in the island of Bali and the temple of Uluwatu has turned out to be one of the main tourist attractions that attract thousands of tourists to this area. In fact, many of the tourists actually head to this area in the afternoon so that they can enjoy the spectacular view of beautiful sunset with the temple of Uluwatu at its backdrop.

More About The Uluwatu Temple

The Hindu temple in Uluwatu is strategically set on the cliff bank. Little that you know that the name of this region, which is Uluwatu, was actually derived from the name of the Hindu temple found in this location. The temple of Uluwatu is situated in the amazing cliff with deep beach under the temple. That makes a strategic location for you to enjoy the stunning view of the sunset. Uluwatu Temple is known as the oldest Hindu temple in the island of Bali. What makes this temple visited by thousands of tourists every month is that it is blessed with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. After all, most tourists come to the southern tip of Bali in order to witness the magical sunset at the Bali temple located at the edge of the majestic sea cliffs in person. From the top of the cliff, you will be able to feast your eyes with the turquoise water smash on the rocks where some of them enter the caves that were functional during the Japanese invasion.

A Quick Glimpse at The History of Uluwatu Temple

Among the local people of Uluwatu, Uluwatu Temple is also known as the Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This Hindu temple has to be one of the Sad Khayangan temple and is included as the six most important temples in Bali. The temple in Uluwatu was built by a priest who came from Java island in 1546 A.D. named Pedanda Sak’i Wawu Rauh. Once the temple was successfully built, it is used to honer the God of the Storm named Rudra. This Hindu God is also known as the God of the Wind and the Hunt. The surrounding area of the Uluwatu Temple is considered very sacred that makes the preservation on the area of this temple a lot easier.

The amazing view of the sunset in Uluwatu from the majestic cliffs is not the only tourist attraction in this area. Every visitor will be indulged with the deep blue ocean surrounding the cliffs. Other than that, the natural forest on the land side is also worth of your time. You can find a number of different families of monkey in the forest. However, you should never lower your defense system as these monkeys are far from being tame.

It seems that every tourist destination is the island of Bali offers you with a number of different tourist attraction. The area of Uluwatu Temple obviously offers many other interesting stuff that just the Hindu temple itself.


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